Ghosts In High School

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College is the beginning of a young adult’s life. It is the first time most adolescents are away from home and are learning to be independent from their parents. Selecting a college is a very important decision, often based on academic programs, athletic programs, or location. What most of the students applying to the University of Tennessee do not realize is that the school has a very rich history in paranormal activity. A myriad of ghosts reportedly haunt various buildings across the University of Tennessee campus. A few of the UT ghosts include misplaced soldiers, Native American’s, two suicidal students, Fanny, Evening Primrose, and Sophie the stern dorm mother.
The land that the University of Tennessee was built on came equipped with
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Fanny was an aspiring actress, who had plans to move to California. Sadly, she died of tuberculosis before she was able to fulfill her dreams. Fanny’s ghost made her first appearances in The Old Science Hall and later in the Alumni Memorial Building. She likes to attend the performances and sometimes she even helps control the lights and the sound booth. Evening Primrose was a graduate student who spent all her time in the Hoskins Library working on her dissertation. Since her ghost is forever trapped in the library, she likes to make her presence known. Evening Primrose spends her time knocking books off the shelves, making the library smell like food, and tinkering with the …show more content…
University of Tennessee has excellent academic programs, amazing athletic departments, and the presence of paranormal beings. While ghosts can be frightening, it seems that most of the ghosts at UT are just harmless lost souls. The Native American’s and Union solders protect the grounds, while the spirit of the scorned young man and Lisa remind students of sadder times past. Fanny, Evening Primrose, and Sophie try to keep the students on their toes and make college life more interesting. Despite their differing circumstances, the ghosts spend their time roaming the campus grounds and halls watching over the

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