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  • Mitochondrial DNA Lab Report

    Introduction When observing a human population there are many phenotypical differences such as; behavior, development, and morphology. Not only are there phenotypical differences amongst a human population, but there are also genotypic differences that can be observed using DNA sequencing data. One way to observe genetic variation amongst humans would be to sequence the Mitochondrial DNA(mtDNA). Mitochondrial DNA is the most commonly used DNA to form phylogenetic trees. Human Mitochondrial…

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  • Nidulans

    Aspergillus nidulans: One of the lesser known pathogen of the aspergilli group, A. nidulans is a model filamentous fungus widely used for studying eukaryotic cell biology (Galagan et al., 2005). A. nidulans possesses a phospholipid-hydrolyzing novel cPLA2 protein, PlaA, which shows maximum similarity to mammalian-type cPLA2 proteins (α, β, γ) (Hong et al., 2005). Like the three isoforms of human cPLA2 proteins, A. nidulans PlaA also consists of two separate catalytic domainsA and B, and…

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  • The Importance Of Information Storage

    In this modern age of information gathering and retrieval, the thought of how and to the extent we can store information has always been an issue of paramount concern. For while libraries, hard drives, and floppy disks served their purpose in bygone times, the amount of information we have today, along with the prodigious rate it is still growing, have made them , while not necessarily obsolete, insufficient for the task. This is why the most promising method of storage in the current time is…

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  • Bacterial Transformation Lab Report

    BSC1010L SectionU42 The effect of Control Plasmid and Plasmid Lux in Bacterial Transformation Vanessa Louis PID: 4709178 Lab Partners: Patrick Abaunza Raquel Alespeiti Robert Lugo Date Performed: 31 October 2014 TA: Reinier Llorca Abstract According to The General Biology I Lab manual, involved in Gene expression are two complex cellular pathways, each being subjected to regulation (Alberte et al., 2012). The first pathway is the synthesis of an RNA molecule from a DNA strand.…

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  • Genetically Modified Foods: A Genetic Analysis

    Problems with the demand for food coupled with the need to protect untouched flora and fauna have been among several of the driving forces to produce enhanced food products. Enhanced meaning, plants are resistant to pest or in turn unaffected by insecticides or herbicides used before harvesting. It also means the food has more vitamins for us and the animals we feed. Enhanced food products, also mean more aesthetically pleasing plants or foods with a higher shelf life and or a longer tolerance…

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  • Irx3

    Figure 1: Shows the gene expression changes found in Arabidopsis after the insertion of the IRX1, IRX3, and IRX5 mutants(Brown). 1A shows the principal component data collected from the targeted areas of the plant(Brown). 1B shows a comparison of gene expression of the base and tip of the stem and the change of level(Brown). 1C shows the slope of genes most likely to be related to IRX3(Brown). From Figure 1B, it is shown through analysis that there are several hundred genes that show an increase…

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  • Clostridium Tetani Essay

    Clostridium tetani is a bacillus, or rod-shaped bacteria responsible for the often-fatal disease tetanus. The word tetanus originated from the Greek word tetanos, which means to ‘stretch’. It is a Gram-positive bacterium and often appears to be shaped like a tennis racket, drumstick, or club when stained. This unusual appearance is the result of sporulation that occurs within the cell. C. tetani is an obligate anaerobe and relies solely on fermentation. Since it is an obligate anaerobe, this…

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  • Ticketing And Customer Care Tracking System Case Study

    A1Supplementary material for T471: Telematics-Project Ala Awad :2120515 Fatma Jbara :2100075 Mohamamd Al-Najdawi :2110748 Ryad Alshaar :2110537 Question 1: Ticketing and Customer Care Tracking System(Tacts) In a world of competition, where the service and the best after sale services are most important to vendors, the importance of the service oriented concept arises. Many companies now depend of the revenues coming from long term processes, such as the maintenance contract,…

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  • Essay On Cannabinoids

    Cannabis, or cannabis sativa, originated in Central Asia and has been used for its psychoactive properties for many years (Iversen, 2008, p. 6). It affects the brain of adolescents and adults differently through the binding of CB1 receptors due to distinctions in neurocognitive development. There are certain changes in gray and white matter densities, brain volume, as well as endocannabinoid concentrations. This creates aberrations in cognition and memory performance. Cannabinoid’s structures…

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  • Primate Brain Abilities

    One of the most expensive organs in the human body is the brain. The physiological task of the brain includes receiving information from the rest of the body, deducing that information, and then guiding the body’s response to it. The brain also helps perform vital processes such as maintaining blood pressure, releasing hormones, and respiratory functions. For a while, many scientists thought that all mammalian brains (including the human brain) were made in the same way. Therefore, it is fair to…

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