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  • Burkholderia Taxonomy

    The Burkholderia Taxonomy and Genomics Burkholderia pseudomallei (Bp) belongs to the Burkholderia genus which contains over 40 species that inhabit a variety of ecological niches. The majority of species within this genus are non-pathogenic soil-dwelling bacteria, but a few species are highly pathogenic to humans and can result in severe disease [1]. This includes B. mallei, an obligate mammalian pathogen and the causative agent of glanders, which primarily affects horses and other solipeds…

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  • Walmart Future Research

    Introduction In this extended essay, I will answer the research question “What will be the future of Wal–mart in India?”.Wal-Mart is kind of a retail store that helps everyone around the world. Its mission statement “We save people money so they can live better”. Wal-Mart was open by Sam Walton in 1962; and then Sam Walton and his brother James Walton they first opened Wal-Mart in Arkansas. From that time, in the world Wal-Mart has been the second largest company and has many operations that…

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  • Drosophila Melanogaster In Biological Research

    1 INTRODUCTION Drosophila Melanogaster, also known as the fruit fly, is a most valuable organism in biological research that has made significant contributions particularly in genetics and research. It is used as a model organism in research for several reasons viz. Easily handled, sexually dimorphic, cheap and easy to keep large numbers, care and culture requires little equipments and well understood because of its short life cycle of just two weeks and also Entire genome of drosophila…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Relational Table

    The rule for first normal form (1NF) is a table in which the intersection of every column and record contains only one value. In other words a table that contains more than one atomic value in the intersection of one or more column for one or more records is not in 1NF. The non 1NF table can be converted to 1NF by restructuring original table by removing the column with the multi-values along with a copy of the primary key to create a new table. See Figure 8.4 for an example of this approach.…

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  • Iso 9000 Case Study

    Somewhere in the management system, e.g. part of your documentation, these controls shall be defined. • There are now three notes. In Note 1, there has been an addition of “analysis and improvement,” and the word “should” has been deleted, making it mandatory for all of these types of processes to be included. Noted 2 and 3 are new. Note 1: Processes needed for the quality management system referred to above include processes for management activities, provision of resources, product…

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  • LSHTM Reflective Essay

    Introduction I did my placement year (2014-2015) with London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). LSHTM is a world-leading centre for research and postgraduate education in public and global health. As stated their mission is to improve health and health equality in the UK and Worldwide while working with partnership to achieve global and public health research. This School is founded in 1899 by Sir Patrick Manson. London school of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) has expended…

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  • What Factors Lead To Brand Loyalty?

    Poor customer service or brand image) Opportunity – presence of a situation where performance can be improved by undertaking new initiatives (Eg. Arnotts – demand for healthier food) Symptom – mere evidence that a problem exists (Eg. Loss of market share, drop in sales) Role of the researcher – once a problem or opportunity has been senses, the researcher comes into the picture First responsibility is to work with the managers to clearly articulate the management problem whose symptoms have…

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  • Importance Of International Investment Law

    International investment law as an instrument for sustainable development The relation between international investment law and sustainable development is ?two sided?.[footnoteRef:2] This statement is also supported by Newcombe, he states sustainable development is indeed needed in the future, thus, foreign direct investment (FDI) could be the main instrument to ensure any development agenda.[footnoteRef:3] Furthermore, Foreign direct investment also contributes toward financing sustained…

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  • Assignment 1 True/False Questions: Database Development

    Assignment Requirements Answer the true-or-false questions on the next page by filling out the answer sheet. Required Resources Textbook Submission Requirements Submit your completed answer sheet to your instructor at the beginning of Unit 8. Unit 7 True/False Questions Indicate whether the following statements are true or false on the student answer sheet. 1) A scalar function operates on one row at a time. 2) An aggregate function works on multiple rows a time. 3)…

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  • Air Force Flyer

    ACCOUNTING FOR AIRLINE FREQUENT FLYER PROGRAMS: MANAGEMENT INCENTIVES AND FINANCIAL REPORTING IMPACTS May 2012 Brian J. Franklin, BBA Accounting ‘12, College of Business and Public Policy, University of Alaska Anchorage, 3211 Providence Drive, Anchorage, AK 99508, 907-268-4233 Ext. 401, ABSTRACT The obligation to provide free or reduced-fare travel to passengers who redeem their accrued frequent flyer program (FFP) benefits represents a significant liability on…

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