Importance Of Technology In Presidential Elections

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Recently in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Republican candidate Donald Trump emphasized his concern for vote manipulation in several “swing” states such as Pennsylvania. (cite) Although many of his thoughts are outlandish, this one in particular should be taken very seriously. Technology is expanding ever so vastly on a daily basis. Although, technology can be helpful it is also vulnerable. This concerns me in regards to presidential elections, and leaves me with the following questions; How easily can electronic votes be manipulated? How has technology contributed to the voting process? Finally, will elections ever be secure?
Source code from the voting software used in our polling machines is floating all over the internet! (cite) To someone who is doesn’t understand computers, that is the like owning a
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This article affects my major directly if technology is continued to use in the electoral process. More emphasis will be put on cyber security and its place in the election process. As this may be the case, I hope the American people realize technology was created by man, and can be just as easily exploited by man. I was baffled how easily the security of this country can be compromised with the use of Direct Recording Electronic Machines. I would expect cyber security being of the utmost importance in this country’s election process, With Agencies such as the CIA and FBI doing extensive cyber related activities. These agencies emphasize their security and reliability in the cyber world. Conversely in regards to electing commander-in-chief of our country the security, and reliability in our electoral process is a joke. While technology has positively contributed to the election process for the most part its contribution is negative. It increases the likelihood of election fraud, and if kept in place American elections will never be

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