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  • Conspiracy Theory Research Paper

    Conspiracy theories alter the perceptions of many people by shifting their previously held beliefs of reality to “unthinkable” underlying debatable truths. With modern day technology advances exposing us to an endless amount of news, stories, and theories, people are surrounded with false information that can be absorbed and believed by influence and repetition. Without even trying, they are fed this plethora of information that no one really knows the accuracy behind. Conspiracy theories are…

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  • 9/11 In Thomas Pynchon's Bleeding Edge

    Among citizens of the United States, few, if any, are unaware of what occurred on September 11 in the year 2001. Nor would many regard themselves as oblivious of at least one of the multitude of conspiracy theories following the so-dubbed 9/11 attacks. As a well-established dabbler in the twists and turns of secret histories, it came as no surprise that writer Thomas Pynchon took to creating an alternate timeline for the event in his postmodern detective novel Bleeding Edge. Yet the matter in…

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  • Speech On 9/11 Conspiracy

    morning/afternoon Ms. Bozzelli and fellow classmates today I will be talking to you about conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories are theories that are made by people with evidence backing it up. A lot of conspiracy theories are about the U.S. government hiding things from us. I will be talking to you about 9/11, Area 51, and first the moon landing. I will also be talking to you about mandela effects. The first conspiracy theory is the attacks on 9/11 being planned by the US government. Some…

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  • Research Paper On Animal Conspiracy Theory

    Animal Conspiracy Theory “Alright, so it is the night before the voting of the presidential election and the plan is that we will be breaking into the White House and hacking all of the voting systems to help Donald Trump win the election.” “No! I want Hillary to win the election. ‘Better Together!’ Duh!” “Well, that´s too bad, Jim. We already went over this. Everyone voted for Donald, so we are hacking it for Donald to win. I appreciate your autonomy, but stop being anti-Trump.” Welcome to…

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  • Princess Dia Conspiracy Theory

    On May 1999, former M16 agent, Richard Tomlinson, claimed that M16 was a part of this alleged conspiracy and suggested that the intelligence agency had documentation surrounding this. He further uphold his claims, he alleged that Diana’s death was similar to M16 plans that he had observed in 1992 which were intended for the assassination of then President…

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  • Rhetorical Strategies In The Spokesperson By Jon Ronon

    She decided to share what became a controversial story on her blog page about her experiences on the train that day. In his report, Ronson uses rhetorical strategies to sway listeners to believe North’s side of the story. On the other hand, conspiracy theorists presented ideas to prove Ronsons beliefs were false. To inform listeners of North’s story, Ronson uses logos, pathos, and ethos, the three different rhetorical strategies.…

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  • Analysis Of Meig's Essay Debunking The 9/11 Myths

    In his essay “Debunking the 9/11 Myths: Special Report,” as well as the afterward “The Conspiracy Industry: Afterward to PM Expanded Investigation,” James Meigs satirizes the ridiculous conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks. This essay is published in the magazine Popular Mechanics, mostly known for it’s scientific and technological articles. Therefore, this article was likely read by a relatively well educated and logical audience. Meigs wrote and revised this essay years after the…

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  • Holocaust Denial Conspiracy Research Paper

    Lucia Dikaczova Ralph Jenkins Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories 12/14/2017 Words: 1520 Term Paper: Holocaust Denial Conspiracy Between the years 1933-1945 approximately six million victims had died in the concentration camps around Europe. Further, Nuremberg trials of 1946 investigated and prosecuted many crimes committed by the Nazi Germany in these camps, for the mass genocide known as Holocaust. However, there are people who claim that this genocide either did not happen, or that the…

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  • How Did Nasa's Men Land On The Moon In 1969?

    Did NASA’s men land on the moon in 1969? This is a question which has been debated by conspiracy theorists for decades. “It was a hoax, it was filmed in a studio” These are just some of the comments which have been said by conspiracy theorists as they attempt to pick at every detail from the photos and film provided by NASA. Then turn them into something that isn’t there. Unlike most other conspiracies around the world, the ones surrounding the NASA landings, just aren’t well thought out. To the…

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  • Conspiracy Theories In Hollywood

    Thesis: Conspiracy theories revolve around Hollywood because our society is obsessed with fortune and fame, people want to relate to famous personalities, and it gives people an opportunity to make sense of the unexplainable. For this research paper, I decided to report on conspiracy theories as they relate to the world of fame. As a thought process, conspiracy theories sparked an interest in me. The mystery that surrounds unusual events is something most of us wonder about. The idea of…

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