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  • Causes Of The 9/11 Attack

    On September 11th, 2001, The United States was attacked by what president Bush stated was “A terrorist act”. This ultimately set the stage for conspiracy theorists to begin their thoughts on what they believed “really” happened. There are several theories regarding the September 11th attacks saying that these attacks were not brought on by Al- Qaeda. But, by factions within the United States, the main ones caused the most question. A few of them being that inside traders were aware of the…

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  • The Controversy: The Death Of Adolf Hitler

    There has been proof over the years of people or creatures living on Mars. I believe that astrologists and conspiracy theorists started showing interest in looking at NASA photos of the planet Mars, which caused this conspiracy. Some people believe that there are many underground tunnels and cities on Mars. Also, the United Sates government has the technology to bring humans there to live. Some say they have been doing…

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  • Jfk Assassination Conspiracy Analysis

    The Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and was not part of a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy; I disagree with this claim. After careful evaluation of all the evidence presented in the case, I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted as part of a conspiracy to assassinate the president. Analysis of the potential motives of different groups, direct/testimonial evidence, physical/forensic evidence, and circumstantial evidence found at Dealey Plaza shows that…

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  • Different Characteristics Of El Chupacabra And La Loroona

    In all cultures, there are certain things that make them significant to others. Such as their foods, clothing, religion and even stories and legends. In this report, I will include two of the stories important to many Hispanics. This will include El Chupacabra and La Llorona. The two stories are really related but are of two very different characters. Of course, till this day there is no full proof or evidence that both of these stories are nonfictional. To start this report I will firstly go…

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  • Moon Landing Real Essay

    on the Moon, a place no man on earth had gone before. Some believe that because sending astronauts into outer space and onto the moon would be incredibly expensive, the U.S. didn’t have enough money to complete the project. According to the conspiracy theorists, faking the moon landings would be much cheaper if it were convincing enough, it could still send a message to Russia that the United States had the better technology. In my opinion I believe the moon landing was faked. I believe this…

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  • The Tragedy Of John F. Kennedy's Assassination

    The last reaction to the death of Kennedy is one that we still hear much about today. The idea of John F. Kennedy being killed in a conspiracy is a reaction that would begin to develop not too long after the man responsible for the death of the president was revealed to the American public. The first major argument was the question of “Is Oswald that good of a shot?” The distance and the fact that the motorcade was moving made many people believe that Oswald, even with his military background,…

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  • The Conspiracy Of Paul Mccartney In The 1960's

    efforts to cease so many animal deaths. Unfortunately, however, his popularity was increased exponentially when a conspiracy of his death arose by his own fans which states that he died in a car crash in 1963 and the band left clues in their music because they felt guilty of their hoax. The rock legend, Paul McCartney, is subject to many media forms of pathos, from his alleged death conspiracy to his favorite childhood comic cameo. During the late 1960s, the theory of Paul McCartney’s death…

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  • Oliver Stone Conspiracy Analysis

    around JFK was centered around whether or not Oliver Stone was a conspiracy theorist, and whether or not he actually believed what he was putting on film. It is fair to say that Oliver Stone, whose purpose in filmmaking was to “start to change things” (Carnes, 270), would not purposefully mislead his audience into believing something blatantly untrue, therefore it is safe to say that Oliver Stone does believe in the vast conspiracy surrounding John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The reading in…

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  • Why Did Lee Harvey Oswald's Motive For The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy?

    The assassination of John F. Kennedy shocked the world, and created many conspiracy theories which have not been solved. Many people are still debating whether these theories are true or false. The aftermath of the assassination caused many rumors that have been proven false. This assassination still affects the world today. The…

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  • Bani Sadr Hostage Crisis Essay

    In May 1989, the claims of the conspirators began to fall apart as soon as the people around Bush began talking. The Secret Service spoke first and an agent proclaimed Bush had not left the country. News accounts also proved Rupp and Brenneke’s claims improbable. Using the Secret Service accounts and news reals, Bush is publicly accounted for “down to the hour.” On October seventeenth, he campaigned for Reagan in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. On the Nineteenth, he had a campaign speech at…

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