Gemini: Government Conspiracy

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Twins find themselves on opposing sides of an alien run government conspiracy that threatens to change humanity. While one brother carries out their plans and rises to the presidency, the other wages a war to stop him before it 's too late.
Gemini is a proposed 1-hour sci-fi drama series that is the embodiment of political conspiracy theories with the heart of a superhero epic and the soul of a Shakespearean tragedy. Think of it as a hybrid mixture of X-Files and V for Vendetta. In an exaggerated hyper-realistic 2012, an unchecked shadow government manipulates everyday life behind the scenes under the leadership of a ruthless alien whose goal is to reform humankind - “sheep do not lead themselves, they must be herded
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During this time, he witnessed a downed spacecraft in the Ural Mountains and told his superiors. However, he was told, firmly, to drop the matter. He refused. He investigated until he uncovered Project Unity. He was brought into the fold and was placed as head advisor at Dulce Base. That is when he first met Jackson. During his time at Dulce and working with Project Unity, he learned everything about the Black Pint Nine and their plans. Ultimately, John decided to “retire” from Dulce and the CIA – but not before giving Jackson the means to …show more content…
Vikings traveling down the Greenland Sea witness the accident and approach the craft. The extent of their interaction is unknown. However, it is noted that a pair of twins experience some form of DNA mutation after the incident. The extraterrestrials – distinguished by their Nordic appearance – continue to make contact with humans after this initial meeting. In the 1920s, a multinational government commission is created to communicate with the alien assembly – named Project Unity. In 1933 a bi-yearly summit was organized with the alien race. Tensions within the human commission cause the organization to disband. Black Point Nine seize control of all alien communication. The alien accord also experiences a splinter, and they are eventually taken over by an alien named Irkalla. In 1977 she addresses the Black Point group and tells them humanity will be reformed, and they can help guide the course of history. With the Black Point Nine on her side, Irkalla sets out to influence the remaining ancestors of the Viking/alien bloodline – twin brothers, Eric and

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