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  • Donald Trump Conspiracy Theory

    The first Donald Trump conspiracy theory Ben and Matt proposed was that Trump ran for president as a false flag candidate. The main theory is that Trump ran for president to help Hillary Clinton and The Democrats win the election. The theoretical plan being that Donald Trump would gain the Republican nomination and then basically embarrass the party. Matt starts the base of the theory when he said: “A few weeks before he announces his candidacy he has an off the record phone call with former…

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  • Gemini: Government Conspiracy

    Title Gemini Brief Twins find themselves on opposing sides of an alien run government conspiracy that threatens to change humanity. While one brother carries out their plans and rises to the presidency, the other wages a war to stop him before it 's too late. Pitch Gemini is a proposed 1-hour sci-fi drama series that is the embodiment of political conspiracy theories with the heart of a superhero epic and the soul of a Shakespearean tragedy. Think of it as a hybrid mixture of X-Files and V for…

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  • Sandy Hook Shooting Theory

    Unfortunately there is several conspiracies surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting. The one that seemed to be the biggest theories is the government and Obama with the help of the “New World Order” and or the “Illuminati” put this in place to help them get the second amendment revoked from…

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  • How Did Marilyn Monroe Commit Suicide

    or Suicide? Marilyn Monroe was very famous in her life as well as in her death. Monroe’s famous death was ruled a suicide by investigators, but there are many conspiracy theories surrounding her death and many people who believe that Monroe did not commit suicide but accidently overdosed or was murdered. Despite these popular conspiracy theories, Marilyn Monroe did commit suicide. It is evident that Marilyn Monroe committed suicide because of her long history of mental health problems, the…

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  • Yankee Tavern Play Analysis

    The play, Yankee Tavern, by Steven Dietz, published by Dramatists Play Service Inc, was unquestionably some food for thought. All throughout the storyline, numerous conspiracies ranging from starbucks being a cult in a cup to man landing on the moon were woven between the four main characters, Adam, Janet, Ray and Palmer. That being said, perhaps the most prominent of all, were the one’s related to the terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001. Needless to say, that was…

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  • Stranger Things

    Bearing elements reminiscent of the MK-Ultra Cold War experiments and other government conspiracy theories, the series finds a foothold in uncertainty and mystery. The storyline will be vaguely familiar to many, with its science-fiction roots obviously identifiable in most films produced around the 1980s, a source that producers Ross and Matt…

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  • 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Essay

    public to come up with theories about what they really think is happening, these theories are known as conspiracy theories. There are many examples of these theories, like how 9/11 was a US government attack, the moon landing was fake, and that the government hides alien life. Conspiracy theories are important, because there are many well-known theories, and many have been proven true. Conspiracy theories are also well-known, because they cover many topics, one of which is the government.…

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  • Why Do We Read Shakespeare

    been wrote shakespeare. Modern day historians believe that the two later folios were made to meet the changing preferences in the area at the time. Due to the fact that all of Shakespeare's work is over 400 years old, there are many people who have conspiracy thoughts toward Shakespeare. It's hard to imagine that someone could accuse a very famous person such as Shakespeare of anything, but there are many historians that believe Shakespeare didn't actually write his plays. There is really no…

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  • Joseph Uscinski Conspiracy Theory

    Joseph Uscinski and colleagues delve into and tackle the prevalence, frequency, and predisposition for conspiracy theories in our society. Uscinski and others found several predispositions the most notably and potentially influential being the partisan predisposition. Today, the bipartisan line seems very clear and the parties are very divided to the point where legislation and government is plausibly affected. Uscinski’s findings in The Effect of Conspiratorial Thinking and Motivated Reasoning…

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  • Essay On Conspiracy Theory

    of conspiracy theories. While many historians agree that conspiracy theory is a vital feature of modern society that merits attention, there is an ongoing dispute, among historians, about how best to study conspiracy theory. Recent historians approach the topic based on the historic event. While other historians undertake the more subtle challenge of looking at what conspiracy theory behavior means, tracing it from early 1700s up to recent years. Initial historical forays into conspiracy…

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