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  • Why Did Lee Harvey Oswald's Motive For The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy?

    The assassination of John F. Kennedy shocked the world, and created many conspiracy theories which have not been solved. Many people are still debating whether these theories are true or false. The aftermath of the assassination caused many rumors that have been proven false. This assassination still affects the world today. The…

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  • Bani Sadr Hostage Crisis Essay

    In May 1989, the claims of the conspirators began to fall apart as soon as the people around Bush began talking. The Secret Service spoke first and an agent proclaimed Bush had not left the country. News accounts also proved Rupp and Brenneke’s claims improbable. Using the Secret Service accounts and news reals, Bush is publicly accounted for “down to the hour.” On October seventeenth, he campaigned for Reagan in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. On the Nineteenth, he had a campaign speech at…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Apollo 11 A Hoax?

    that shows two astronauts, Armstrong and Aldrin, standing next to each other with complete different shadows. If there were only one light source the shadows should match. But the reason they are not consistent is because of studio lighting. “Conspiracy theorists suggest that this must mean multiple light sources are present -suggesting that the landing photos were taken on a film set.” (Fox) One man will be directly under the light and the other would be slightly to the side of the light. Thus…

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  • Sport: An Analysis Of Sexuality And Sport

    different types of sexuality, does not appear to be openly discussed, explained Fusco (2011:545). It is uncommon to hear about an athlete coming out as gay, and there are some theories as to why this is: One theory, Fusco (2011) explains, is called the “conspiracy of silence” where it is assumed, not discussed, that everyone is heterosexual in sport. (545). This assumption creates an unwelcoming environment for athletes to openly identify with their sexuality if it is not heterosexuality.…

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  • Who Is Responsible For Kennedy's Assassination

    1964. Along with this, other Americans gained suspicion that the Soviets could have been responsible. Although there is no evidence that the KGB was involved, some theorists believe Nikita Khrushchev was motivated because of having to back down during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Speaking of Cubans, they also had a part in another conspiracy brought up by The House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). After the 1959 Cuban Revolution brought Fidel Castro to power, thousands of Cubans migrated…

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  • The Rugrats Theory, Mandela Effect, And Fema Camps

    Conspiracy Theories are hypotheses that contradict the information that is actually out there about the topic. They usually become popular among Forums such as Reddit, 4chan, Social Media, and You Tube. You could find a conspiracy theory based on pretty much anything. Some of them actually make sense if you really think about it. The three Conspiracy Theories that will make you think twice is the Rugrats theory, Mandela Effect, and FEMA camps. The Rugrats is a cartoon who everyone loved growing…

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  • Warren Commission Research Paper

    has no limits and certainly can be entertaining and fascinating. However, in the sense that truth can be stranger than fiction, and as strangely ordinary as JFK’s assassination was, according to the Warren Report, I'm led to believe that the conspiracy theorist are the perpetrators of the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Princess Diana

    She was rejected throughout her life by her family, her husband, and the Royal family. There were also many times she feared for her life. There have been many conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Diana’s death, such as a possible assassination carried out by one of UK’s special forces member unit known as, the SAS, or the conspiracy of whether she was killed in a car crash at Pont D’ Alma tunnel in France.“The celebrity status that surrounded her would grow even larger following her…

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  • 9/11 Research Papers

    A basic fact is that the United States government covers up facts and the total truth will never be uncovered. Within US history there are thousands of conspiracy involving the United States government. These conspiracy interesting to learn about are still just conspiracies with no proof every found. All in all September 11th is a tragic day in history that will live on in the memories of the people who witnessed the events. We will forever morn the deaths of…

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  • The Effect Of Japan's Attack On Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor is situated in Hawaii. During the war, Japan had a feeling that America 's hand in the World War II was inescapable. The Japanese were feeling that America at that time was becoming strict with their development in the Pacific. Since the 1860’s, the Japanese and Americans had economic and political tension (Cook 117). The United States froze all of Japan’s access to oil and stopped selling scrap iron and steel. Japan depended on the United States for many of their resources and by…

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