Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory

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By: Jaylen Majors

The Denver airport is drowning in a conspiracy theory. The theory is that the Denver airport is hell on earth. Its blue mustang Blucifer is the devil’s horse. Its head fell on its creator and killed him instantly.

The horse’s glowing red eyes have said to, “watch you wherever you go. The murals at the airport are to , “show where a man kills the environment and the people.

Other evidence is that the underground is a bunker for Armageddon. Nobody in that airport except special personal goes down there. Many of the plane crashes conspiracy theorist said to be because of the, “ blue veiny mustang.

The airport people have said was stupid to build it when there is one downtown. The people also say that the airport is there for the freemasons and other secret societies like the Illuminati.
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Superstitious people won't ride on the plane where the bad terminal is. One of them is where the god of death is.

Some reporters have gone there and said that some of the people feel like they are sleepwalking or walking to their doom.

The other mural is Children of the world peace. Which is to show the desire to get rid of violence in society. The soldiers in the murals are nazi’s.

Its eyes glow red at all hours of the day and night, causing some to speculate that the statute is to represent the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse from the biblical book of Revelations.

The Fourth Horseman specifically represents Death.
One of the murals include a quote from a dead person from Auschwitz.

It states his name when he died when he came onto the world and what concentration camp he was in.

Many think that the murals, painted by artist Leo Tanguma, tell the story of apocalyptic biowarfare destroying the world as we know it, with the New World Order taking over in its place.

The people in Denver are afraid of bluecifer. The airport is losing money and people are flying downtown. Stay awake the people stay

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