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  • Casino London Research Paper

    Casino London Where can I play casino in London? There are 26 land based casinos in London for every taste, budget nd preference. The choice is huge and some of these casinos ahve been around for ages, as the gambling culture goes way back especially among high classes. But today the market is much more open and any UK player or a visitor from abroad can find something suitable here. London and Uk gambling egislation is one of the best in the world, so a lot of locals and toruists kepp…

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  • Swiss Watch Industry Analysis

    Swiss watches are one of the finest watch industries in the whole world. Behind their backs stands a deep and full of experience history that lasts for many centuries. Swatch watch industry provides and covers accessories’ for every social class from poor to rich. Starting from the cheapest and world best-selling “plastic watches” Swatch and ultra-expensive luxury class watch Patek-Philippe. Switziland exports 95% to the world (, 2015). Swiss industry today faces a lot of…

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  • Othello In Tim Blake Nelson's 2001 O

    Tim Blake Nelson’s 2001 “O” is an adaptation and modernization of the play Othello. “O” seems to capture the balance Shakespeare intended between portraying Othello as another, based on his race, and the problem of stereotyping a black character. “Even now, now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe.” (Act1:1 87-88) Along, with showing how personal motives can depict people who are unsecure about themselves or their relationships. The solution is to have Odin (Othello) question…

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  • Japan Vs Cambodia

    Both Japan and Cambodia are countries which belong to Asia, the largest continent on Earth. On the other hand, based on the term “geographical realm”, they are in different realms. One is in East Asia, and the other is in Southeast Asia. They also have the distinction in many aspects such as physical pattern, history, population features, economic and political issues, and socio-cultural issues. The characteristics of Japan and Cambodia will be explored obviously by looking at the similarities…

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  • Parx Casino Case Study

    Parx casino located at 2999 Street Road in Bensalem Township is that largest casino in Pennsylvania. Greenwood Gaming & Entertainment, Inc. purchased the racetrack and original building located at 3001 Street Road in December 1990. The facilities new owners added simulcasting horse racing and six Turf Clubs, which currently operate seven days a week within the state. Parx boast over 200,000 square feet of gaming; 35000 slot machines; 130 live table games; a premier poker room with 80 poker…

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