Mini Case Study Of The Mini Project Of Semester One

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Title :
Mini Project of Semester One

Problem Statement :
We use the boiled water in our daily life but which of the home use heat generating appliances that we used to boil water is the most efficiency?

Introduction :
Different heat generating appliances, such as electric kettle, microwave, electric thermos flask, convection oven and slow cooker have difference efficiency of appliances. Home use heat generating appliances look pretty much the same on the outside, but they vary greatly in terms of energy-efficiency and operating costs. The more energy-efficient an appliance is, the less it costs to run and also can lower the utility bill and help protect the environment.

Objective :
To comparing the efficiency of four different type of home
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Type of appliance Microwave Electric jug Convection oven Slow cooker
Mean of heating time (s) 260.33 302.00 284.00 2792.67
Table 2: A table to show the mean of heating time.
Calculations :
Electric Kettle
E=P x t =800 x 213 =170400 J
Q= m c T =500 x 4.19 x 69 =144555 J
Efficiency of appliance = 144555/170400 x 100% = 84.8 %
Electric thermos flask
E=P x t =700 x 270 =189000 J
Q= m c T =500 x 4.19 x 69 =144555 J
Efficiency of appliance = 144555/189000 x 100% = 76.5 %
Convection Oven
E=P x t =800 x 284 =227200 J
Q= m c T =500 x 4.19 x 69 =144555 J
Efficiency of appliance = 144555/227200 x 100% = 63.6 %
Slow Cooker
E=P x t =200 x 1865 =373000 J
Q= m c
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To improve efficiency include: position, cleaning, care and maintenance, standby power, power management and daily operation. For the electrical kettle, use electrical kettle to boil water but not all of this heat is transferred to the water, some is lost through conduction to the surfaces of the kettle, then to the surrounding air. Also, as the water is heated and before it is boiling some heat is lost through the water evaporating (steam) and flowing out through the top of the kettle. The way could make it more efficient by improving the insulation around the surface of the kettle and ensuring the lid is closed (although there must a hole to relieve pressure).Also, always fill the kettle with the least amount of water possible, as the kettle will require greater energy input in boiling a larger volume of water and any boiled water not used looses it heat when

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