California Proposition 13

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  • Belief In Knowledge

    One must begin at belief then continue down to communication acts, then to speech acts, to beliefs then to propositions, then finally to knowledge. As discussed before, Plato states that knowledge has to be a justified true belief. One thing that Plato studied within philosophy was epistemology. Epistemology is the study or theory of or word about knowledge.…

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  • Sorites Argument Analysis

    Originating from soros, the Greek word for “heap,” sorites arguments utilize statements with miniscule differences which are centered around vague keywords to arrive at very paradoxical conclusions. For instance, one would typically be able to agree with the following statements: 1. A man with no hairs on his head is bald. 2. A bald man, if given one more hair, is still bald. These two statements, however, can be used to say that everyone is bald. For example, consider a man with no hairs on…

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  • Argumentative Essay-Let The Death Penalty Debate

    722,762 votes (New York Times). That’s the difference between 749 California inmates being taken off death row and receiving life without parole, or staying on there and ultimately facing lethal injection (Death Row Inmates by State). The death penalty has been a controversial topic for decades, being taken away in 1972, reinstated in 1977, halted in 2006, and continued again in 2010 (Progressive Editorial Staff). This proposition causes voters to have very strong views about it, millions of…

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  • Essay On California Economy

    considerable new jobs, while other cities are facing economic hardship. California’s GDP has growth substantially; however, the state’s unemployment rate still higher than the national average. High unemployment can significantly increase poverty and California cannot support social programs without compromising its economy. Companies and government must work together for finding new ways for improving state economic and social development. Politics and economics go hand to hand, wherever one…

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  • Apollo 13: Successful And Failure

    Erhabor Professor Fletcher English 1101 19 November 2014 Apollo 13 Successful and Failure Apollo 13 is one of the most memorable missions in NASA. Apollo 13 how about crew members on the mission. The crew was ready to launch until they had a problem with the ship. They had to hold back the mission for a couple of seconds. The Apollo 13 mission had technical problems with the spaceship. This missions took place in April, 11 1970 (apollo 13).The crew was excited to launch. The crew member worked…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Apollo 13 A Failure?

    we have a problem.” said Jim Lovell, an astronaut of Apollo 13, when the oxygen tank explored in the Space in 1970. After the talk, this lunar exploration gained a worldwide concern. Three astronauts in the craft fought with numerous disastrous faults and eventually back to the earth. In 1995, this regrettable story was even recorded as a historical docudrama named Apollo 13. Such social repercussion brought up a perspective that Apollo 13, one of the most well-known explorations of Space, was a…

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  • The Motel Short Story

    It was a stormy day and the blank family decides to go on a vacation because they are sick of the nasty weather. The Blank parents decide on a destination to go on so they call down there kids liam and michael they are twins but do not get along at all. There parent finally announce they are going on vacation to pluto to see the moon rise. the next day they head to nasa to take off to pluto. The Blank family loads up the rocket with there stuff and they headed for pluto. Liam starts to pick on…

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  • Minor Characters In Interstellar And Ender's Game

    The 2014 Oscar winning film Interstellar- directed by Christopher Nolan- shadows the protagonist Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) an ex-NASA pilot and engineer. The storyline begins in an apocalyptic America were the environment can no longer sustain human life. Out of chance Cooper and his daughter Murphy (Jessica Chastain) find the remains of NASA and discover just how little time humanity has. To save his children Cooper agrees to join the crew of the Endurance, tasked to locate a…

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  • Apollo 13 Analysis

    There were a lot of concepts in the movie Apollo 13. More importantly, the concepts that stuck out to me during the whole movie were a successful failure, making mid-course corrections, teamwork, prioritizing, communicating and lastly assessing and planning for risk. At first I wasn’t sure that the movie was a “successful failure” but towards the end of the movie it was said that it was such. There was a failure of never reaching the moon, yet it was a success with teamwork both on and off the…

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  • The Apollo 13 Mission

    To go far and beyond as past Apollo missions were the plans for the Apollo 13 mission, but with a sudden change of plans they only had one mission left, get back home safe and alive. They launched on April 11, 1970, orbiting around the moon and back to earth for five days, twenty-two hours, fifty-four minutes, and forty-one seconds, and landed back to Earth in the Pacific Ocean on April 17 1970. On the mission, the crew composed of James A. Lovell Jr. as commander, Charles M. Duke Jr. as Lunar…

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