California Proposition 13

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  • The Importance Of Water In California

    happening to the water in California? Where is it going ? How to save it ? Nowadays people say “ California's currently in its fifth year of severe drought.” But people forget to ask themselves is what exactly lead California to that position and why is it going through severe droughts. California’s water is distributed in three major places; 1- The urban with 10%. 2- Environment with 50%. 3- Agriculture with 40%. Second, the environment. Where 50% is distributed through california depending up…

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  • Jaycee Lee Dugard

    Jaycee Lee Dugard was a nine year old girl who was kidnapped by a stranger at age eleven. Phillip Garrido was the mans name. She was kept captive for eighteen years, kept in a backyard moving from a barn, to a house, different rooms. Being so young and taken would be the worst, not getting to be with her family. Phillip had a wife named Nancy, they treated Jaycee like their daughter. Jaycee later on got pregnant two times. She now has two beautiful baby girls that are growing up with her. While…

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  • Apollo 13: The Third Mission To Landing On The Moon

    Apollo 13, also known as (AS-508), was suppose to be the third mission to land on the moon. The crew on the spacecraft consisted of Fred W. Haise, Jr., lunar Module Pilot, John J. Swigert, Jr., command module pilot, and James A. Lovell, Jr., commander. Launched at 2:13 p.m. on April 11, 1970 from the launched from complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center. The Apollo 13 mission was planned to launched and land on the moon and return back to Earth. Unfortunately, after about 56 hours into their…

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  • Theme Of Survival In 172 Hours On The Moon

    Survival is about mental fortitude In Space on one can hear you scream. This is true for the novel 172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstand tells a tale of science fiction horror about three teens that have won a contest to spend 172 hours on the moon, however this journey becomes a fight for survival. Each of the Teens have their own reason for going and each have their own feelings. The are tested in the expanse of space with all of the mental and physical trials that they face. The fight for…

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  • Apollo 13 History

    into space. This launch is known as Apollo 13, or the 13th launch out of Earth’s solar system. NASA sent three men, Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert, into space on the Apollo 13 mission. Initially, Lovell, the commander, and Haise, the lunar module pilot, were supposed to walk on the moon while Swigert, the command module pilot, stayed in the spacecraft in orbit, but an event on April 13th changed that plan. The thing that makes the Apollo 13 mission so famous and different from the…

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  • James Lovell Leadership Analysis

    2012). James Lovell had degrees from the United States Naval Academy, the University of Southern California, and Harvard Business School. He was a test pilot at the Naval Air Test Center and served as Program Manager for the F4H "Phantom" Fighter. While there, he logged over 7000 hours of flight time. He served as backup…

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  • Apollo 1 Failure

    he had an important role in developing, repairing, and modifying each of the Apollo missions. Throughout his endeavors, Mr. Hagar has seen Apollo 1’s failure, helped NASA problem solve through issues,, and helped rescue the astronauts on the Apollo 13 mission. Though the highly anticipated Apollo 1 mission had been meticulously built, tested, and modified, a fatal fire caused it to be an utter failure. Mr. Hagar recalled during a test run that a leak occurred, causing serious damage. Requiring…

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  • Apollo 13 As A Successful Failure

    or purpose. The purpose of Apollo 13 was to land on the moon and return safely. Granted Apollo 13 did not land on the moon due to an oxygen tank exploding, they returned the astronauts home safely, which should be the biggest goal or accomplishment. Apollo 13 was a success after it returned in one piece. A failure is the lack of success. To fully succeed the crew needed to touch down on the moon, and return home. After having technical difficulties, Apollo 13 could not land on the moon,…

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  • Apollo 13 Leadership Analysis

    pillars which uphold the organization so that it can not only survive, but thrive. Without one of the pillars, the structure of the business will fall apart. The four functions consist of planing, organizing, leading, and controlling. The film Apollo 13 exemplifies all four of the functions of management, however leadership stands above the rest. In the most unthinkable circumstances, Jim Lovell and Gene Krantz lead their individual teams and worked together to return the men safely back to…

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  • Apollo 13: A Successful Failure

    What was the Apollo 13? Apollo 13 was a successful failure because it was a mission to the moon with many challenges along the way as well as surviving the free fall to safely back to Earth. To begin with, the launch to the moon was just like any other take off. It stretched back the skin on their faces until it seemed their bones might shatter. The mission was to get samples of sandy dirt and grab 4 billion year old rocks from Earth. Suddenly a loud bang got their attention. The spacecraft…

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