California Community Colleges System

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  • Community Colleges Accountancy Report

    (Problem) Community colleges in California help students transfer to universities, enter the labor force, and/or promote within their current field of occupation. One of the greatest threats community colleges in the state encounter is losing their accreditation from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC). The ACCJC is one of several accrediting agencies in the US that strives to hold community colleges accountable by periodically assessing and accrediting them.…

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  • Analysis Of Free Community College Is A Bad Idea By Carol Roth

    be able to have. Knowledge is not something that should be for sale. Everyone should be able to have equal opportunity. This is why there should be no cost for receiving a college education. The general argument made by Carol Roth in the article “Free Community College Isn’t Free...and it’s a Bad Idea” is that saying that college will be free when it really won’t, and it will cause more problems and evidently not solve any current problems. She states that nothing is really ever free because…

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  • Free State College Education

    The costs of college education have risen significantly over the past 50 years and continue to climb at a rate that stands as a looming threat to the future of college education. The most recent presidential election brought about a new round of discussion over the possibility of free state college tuition. President Barack Obama first mentioned the idea in 2015 and conflicting opinions have arisen surrounding the subject ever since. Many people think that free state college education would…

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  • The Village Effect

    within modern society. Many institutions and clubs still stand to help individuals find others with similar attributes, knowledge, and aspirations in order to strengthen the groups and ideals they present. The Magnolia Campus of Pellissippi State Community College is no stranger to the use of clubs and social constructs. In the school’s current state there are a total of fifty-two recognized clubs, ranging from ASL Please! to the Welding Club. Though the variety of options is present, the…

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  • Community Colleges Should Be Free

    In the coming months millions of students will log on to their schools website and register for classes. Some go to college because it is expected of them. Some do it because they want a good job, while others go to college because they love knowledge. There are vocational schools, community colleges and four year universities. The one thing they all have in common is; they cost money. After paying tuition a student must now pay for books, food, supplies and rent. For many this is too much and…

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  • Analysis: Breaking The Barrier

    break the barriers that keep people out of college. Not including America, but some countries do offer the first two years free. In America the first two years of community college, for low-income students should be free, because all students that gained a diploma or GED are not fortunate enough to make it to college, low-income Americans make less…

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  • Analysis Of No Place Like Home

    While a statewide report, there are many suburbs in Minnesota that have are majority white, and their schools are majority white with advanced courses, which shows that race, ethnicity, and economic class do play a role in enrollment in advanced courses, as students of a higher economic class had the opportunity to take advanced courses. The bit of diversity in my advanced courses, however, was not reflected in the students who actually took the exams. While there are no longer any policies…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Seat Next To Me

    next to me are empty. I see some peers with their parents. They were all dressed to the nines. It was as if they were going to a gala. I felt nothing, but envy. For the last four years of my US college education, I have not been able to count on the presence of my parents in any college activities, especially that of my mother. Yes, she is the one in all my church and school photos. I remember my high school prom; she took time off from her…

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  • Community College Persuasive Analysis

    President Barack Obama has released a proposal of making community college free but it’s very controversial because its just limited to the community colleges. Overall a community college is not that expensive as a CSU, UC, or private. Thus making a community college free would be pointless if the student has to move on to a university where they have to pay. In the article “As He Promotes It, Some Question Obama’s Free Community College Idea” by Joanne Jacobs published in February 23,…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Free College/University

    Free college/university Studying at a college/university here in the United States can cost a life full of debt. Being able to study should not cost any money. Depending on the college that is attended to, tuition varies, a contributive factor of this tuition is if you’re an in-state or out of-state resident. Most of college students start at the young age of 17 or 18, and most of them don’t have the right knowledge to start getting into economic debt. The years passes and college tuition rises,…

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