California Community Colleges System

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  • Two Years Are Better Than Four Essay

    Years Are Better Than Four” and “Are Too Many People Going to College?” Liz Addison and Charles Murray discuss how colleges now are much different than colleges in the past. The college experience has changed since people, such as Rick Perlstein, went to college. Even though the college experience is ever evolving, it can still be a very important part of someone’s life. Even if it is not at a “four-year brick-and-mortar residential college” (Murray 229) like many parents and high school faculty…

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  • Two Years Are Better Than Four Analysis

    Makes All the Difference In the words of Liz Addison’s essay, “Two Years Are Better Than Four,” she emphasizes the benefits of community college before attending a university, saying “The philosophy of the community college and I have been to two of them, is one that unconditionally allows its student to begin.” In Addison’s essay, she explains that the community college system is the better route to take than attending a four year university program right away as many people do right out of…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should There Be Free Community College?

    although in reality it was not free at all, someone else was paying for it. The same goes with the free community college concept. The cost would shift from the student paying to taxpayers. Free community college sounds like a wonderful idea. Everyone would have an equal opportunity at higher education. Just because someone comes from low income housing should not limit that individual to pursue a college education. This would result in an overall educated society with an increase in…

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  • Argumentative Essay: High Cost Of College

    “‘Education has always been the secret sauce, the secret to America’s success,’ he said” (Baskin Obama pushes free, two-year college plan at Michigan speech) Many of todays significant leaders have expansive college degrees in business and politics, but for many this is out of reach. Todays cost of a college degree stands at $137,000 a premium price for such a standard necessity. So how in one of the worlds most privileged and advanced nations do graduated students accumulate over one trillion…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: Marshall And Gates Cambridge Scholarships

    Detroit is not supposed to become the valedictorian of his junior college or maintain a 3.925 gpa at UC Davis, but my education is all that I ever had that truly…

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  • Career Counselor Personal Statement

    catalyst that lead me to decide that my future career endeavors involve helping college students succeed. All students need and deserve a solid educational foundation. Higher educational counselors are the dependable support system students have in community colleges and universities. Financial Aid advisors, Academic Advisors, and Career Development Counselors and more are important in universities and community colleges. Students should have the opportunity to speak to counselors, regardless of…

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  • How To Make It In College Now That You Re Here Analysis

    Going to College,” “College grades are more satisfied with their jobs.” In college, especially in these days, students who finished their studying in college are finding “themselves on a career path, rather than just working at a job to get them by” (Caumont). From this point, students who are doing well in college’s life, and who are responsible for themselves in organizing their time, their work, and their life, too, are successful in their lives, also, with two years’ degree from colleges,…

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  • Cost Of College Tuition

    According to the college board the average cost of college has raised at a ten year historical rate of about 5% per year for decades. During the 2014-2015 year private institution’s tuition increases at a rate of about 3.7% and at public institutions at a rate of about 2.9%. Imagine if something you eat/drink regularly like a McDonald’s cheeseburger or a Starbucks coffee price increased at that same rate of 5%. Would it be worth purchasing? Would you find cheaper alternatives? Would you treat it…

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  • ACCJC Literature Review: Delimitation And Limitation

    proposal will not validate whether or not accreditation promotes quality education, greater accountability, and student performance. It will not recommend changes to the ACCJC’ standards or assess its capability to accredit a college. The study is limited to the nine LACCD colleges and the primary source of information includes newsletters and memorandums published by the ACCJC. Literature Review This proposal will mirror the research design and conducted by Elizabeth Vitullo and Jason…

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  • Adam Davidson's Article Is College Tuition Really That High?

    College is a big obstacle for students coming out of high school. College is such an obstacle because not everyone has enough financial support to go through college. Adam Davidson discusses in his article, Is College Tuition Really That High? , that the average student does not receive enough financial aid. Education is one of the most efficient way to become successful and to learn more about the world they live in. College proves difficult for many, but getting a stable job is the goal of…

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