California Community Colleges System

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  • Satisfaction And Retention Analysis

    school graduates are faced with various options when deciding what route, they plan to take after high school. Some students may decide to enlist in the Armed Forces, go straight into the work force, enroll in a 4-year university or college, or a 2-year community college, though most high school graduates, 69% in fact, chose to continue their education and enroll in some form of post-secondary institution (United States Bureau of Labor Statistics). A study by the United States Bureau and Labor…

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  • Immigration And Adjustment Analysis

    Most people live in one country when they were growing up, But I didn’t put myself on those people because my whole life was a ball and chain. I lived my childhood in Pakistan in which I saw many up and down, then to control and overcome from the situation in 2008, we move to Dubai, but somehow it didn’t work out. So before coming to the United States in 2012, my mind was ready for no more blunder. The thought that brings me to the United States is to get better education, diversity of job…

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  • Community College Academic Experience

    How would you describe your community college academic experience? Has it been "a walk in the park," "an uphill climb," or something else? Fill in the blank with your own expression and explain. (Limit 600 characters) I wrote two different paragraphs. I wanted to see how they sounded. I will choose one. Coming from Nepal, a country vastly different from the United States both culturally and academically, my time here at TCC NE campus has been one of the most challenging, rewarding and…

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  • College Doesn T Need To Be Free Rhetorical Analysis

    articles that showed how to use ethos, pathos, and logos correctly. The first article is “College Doesn’t Need to be Free” by Charles Lane, who argued why it is not a smart idea for the economy to make tuition free. The other article that counters Lane’s argument is “Why All Public Higher Education Should Be Free” by Bob Samuels, where he explains the pros of free education. I believe the article, “College Doesn’t Need to be Free,” is more persuasive because it has a stronger sense logos and…

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  • College Athletes Should Not Get Paid?

    College Athletes Should Not Get Paid Outline Specific Purpose Statement: At the end of my speech the audience will agree that college athletes should not get paid. Thesis: College athletes should not receive any payment or compensation in college. Introduction: I. I would like everyone to raise their hand if they play a sport for Southeastern Community College. Now how many of you who raised your hand think it’s fair for all the athletes in this room to be paid a salary on top of…

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  • Free Education Benefits

    of this decade is the cost of a higher education. The cost for college tuitions is quickly rising every year, therefore, people are less likely to strive for college due to cost. Unfortunately ordinary mundane jobs like McDonald’s or Pizza Hut are starting to requiring college education for more high paying positions. Even so, college enrollments are dropping 69% to 66% in 2008-2013 ( JP. “What are the odds of succeeding with a college degree?”). With all this it seems pretty evident that Free…

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  • Del Mar College: Gateway To A Brighter Future

    The current branding slogan for Del Mar College of “Dreams Delivered” has lost its appeal and effectiveness. As a result, a new branding strategy must be put in place to ensure the enrollment at Del Mar College will continue to increase. The new slogan and branding strategy of “Gateway to a Brighter Future,” will help rebuild the image of Del Mar College. It will bring new potential student’s fresh out of high school to Del Mar and also attract those individuals who are returning to school…

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  • Benefits Of Free Community Colleges

    educational training, many students attend in college for a better advantage in finding a job and getting a higher income. Community colleges are the most affordable way to help the students who want to start and explore their career before they move on to four year university. Following to this aspiration, the president of the United States, Barrack Obama, has proposed the program to offer free two years of community college which known as “America’s College Promise”, the program will help over…

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  • Megan And Ben Taylor Entrepreneurs Case Study

    This is a one-third of the cost for one year at a four-year college or university. For a four-year public school, it 's around $8,000 for tuition and fees, and another $9,000 dollars for room and board costs. That is an average of $17,000 a year (Christina Couch np). Private colleges are three times the amount of public universities. After you receive your degree, job officials are less concerned with where you received…

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  • It's Time To Pursue A College Education

    Having your college education taken away from you is like striping away your future. Students in the United States should not have their education and future striped away from them therefore, community colleges must be free to attend and state colleges need to lower their tuition in order for student to continue their education. For those who are interested in continuing their education, could benefit from this, they can become successful and live a better life. They wouldn’t have to worry about…

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