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  • The Importance Of Student Interaction Between Middle And High Schools

    One assumption that they may have about schools is that young teens are only there to learn and if one acts bad then they must leave. That all the bad kids are bad and they don 't need to learn and be kicked out of the class. Maybe the kid is having a bad day and since the teacher is only there to teach and they don 't want the student in the class, then the student loses his education and get disciplined for no reason. I propose that in Middle and High schools implement more programs that…

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  • College Admissions Essay: Love And Hope Of Success

    Being raised in a humble home with little luxury yet filled with joy of family and hope of success. I’ve always understood that money isn’t happiness or we don’t all begin at the same place. In a home where intelligence and an education is admired I’ve always strived towards a future with a good education. Helping others achieve their goals has always been a dream of mine. Influencing people to do well and change their lives for the better are also something I’d like to achieve. Achieving my…

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  • A Career In Sports Journalism

    Choosing a profession in sports allows several job opportunities in multiple areas. Whether it is a college or a professional sport, there will always be a demand for what has become one of the greatest past-times in our culture. A great career in the sports world would be a sports journalist, also called a sports reporter. “A sports reporter writes about and reports on amateur and professional sports.” (What is Sports 2016) For somebody interested in becoming a sports reporter, there are many…

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  • Stulman On Computers

    Stulman’s essay argues that for college student’s computers are more of a distraction than a helping tool for leaning. Throughout Stulman’s essay he has a abundance of grammatical delivery errors which result in his essay being unsuccessful. Stulman’s essay is unsuccessful on how he delivered his argument such as he lacked factual evidence to back up his argument, broadly generalized his clams, as well as addressed numerous problems and did not provide any solutions to these problems. One of…

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  • The Importance Of Raising The Quality Of Education

    initiative to further pursue STEM related fields and provides society with students that can compete in a world that needs technologically savvy individuals. For students interested in further pursuing their STEM program, the REU program provides college students a better understanding of their fields of study and research experience. And finally, all of these goals can not be accomplished without properly developed teachers. Reforms must be instituted in order to develop teachers who are…

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  • Martin Luther King I Have A Dream Speech

    In the journal title “The King's Body: The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and the Politics of Collective Memory” by Kevin Bruyneel, a professor of politics at Babson College, he noted that the very first controversy was about the sculptor. Furthermore, the journal indicates that the sculptor, Lei Yixin, was a artist from China in which not too many people were fond of it since some people expected a person of African-American…

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  • White Privilege And Diversity

    certainly are not reaping the benefits of it. Social mobility simply is not possible in our society because “a child of poor or poorly educated parents isn’t able to, like middle class citizens, get a good education and rise to the middle class with a college degree” (Stiglitz, 160). Poverty exists between races also and so does inequality, as discussed earlier. White privilege in the sense of poverty exists when discussing income and economic status of different races in America. It is very…

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  • Culture Of Success Analysis

    As Brink Lindsey states in his article “Culture of Success,” the main reason why many low-income high school graduates do not go to college is based on how they were raised, like how much time the parents/guardians. Though I can identify how we could make this assumption under unreliable statistics, however I strongly disagree with the idea of how well you raise your children is solely dependent on your family's income. As a young scholar, I find Lindsey’s article to be interesting and not…

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  • Case Study: Aguilar V. Felton

    The Lemon Test- Aguilar v. Felton (1985). Was a federal program that paid New York City public school teachers to provide remedial instruction to students who lived in low-income neighborhoods. The teachers delivered these services at public and private schools, a substantial number of which were religious. Aguilar required the government to monitor whether the government-funded teachers incorporated religious content into their secular…

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  • Personal Narrative: Understanding And Knowing Yourself

    Understanding and Knowing Yourself Three of my key strengths are hard worker, absorbing, and gambler. First let us talk about the gambler, why did I but a gambler as one of the most three key strengths, maybe because I like taking the risk at the thing I am doing. Moreover an example of that, before I came to John moors year ago I was studying university in my country. Moreover I did not like studying there, although I could finish it in 3 years rather 4 years of studying aboard. However I…

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