Comparing Two Stages

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Two Stages Of A Person’s Life
(Compare And Contrast Essay)

The two stages of a person’s life which are always memorable in front of any one, are the life of school and college. In these two stages there are a lot of ___ and similarities. A wide changes cones in a person’s life some are ___ to their expectations and some beyond. Another thing about these stage are the memorable moments, which we spend with our friends and class fellows. Both stages are similar and contrast in terms of academic regulations, time scheduled as well the culture practiced by each student. Like when we at the college we have a lot of things similar to our college. The schedules of time are always being similar of both. As usual we have to be reached on time which
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Sometimes a person have to lost the power of hearing under these situations. Under construction activities likes mining, construction of briges, dams, buildings, roads, also create sound and contributing in noise pollution. By these construction activities the congestion of traffic develop and creating noise pollution. These construction activities are too noisy. Even the house hould chores like mixing, grinding, vacum cleaners, washing machine, air conditioners how ever minor but inrease in amount of noise. Also create distractions in the daily life of our neighborhood in a bad …show more content…
I would utilize my basement for the stock of necessary things which I need it on daily basis like wheat, sugar, rice, etc. At my first floor there would e a living room, dining hall, and a kitchen. My kitchen will near a dining hall; the interior design of my kitchen would be in Italian style. The dining hall will be furnished with dining table and hang a chandelier at a center of a table. The first floor would be surrounded with wide transparent glasses windows. And these windows are covered with a designer curtains. In my living room there will be a big sofa and a L.C.D so my whole family will enjoy our favorite T.V shows and the movie. Along the hall way there would be paintings, award, and the pictures of our

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