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  • How To Attend College

    higher level learning institute such as a college or university. There are many steps that have to be taken such as applying, writing essays, filling out scholarships, and being accepted. After that, you have to get all of your paperwork situated and the hefty payments made. One way to elevate yourself in the minds of the college admission office is to write an amazing essay discussing all of your amazing assets. Each and every student that enters college is unique in their own way and has…

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  • The Four Clusters

    have to consider “the ‘whole student’ review process… and rejected the point system that assigned a value to race in undergraduate admissions,” (188). There needs to be a balance amongst the minority and majority issues. As Hacker and Dreifus say, colleges need to become more “conscientious, caring, and attentive to every corner of their classrooms,”…

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  • Biola Research Paper

    College Search Israel Perez Biola University was founded in 1908, in the heart of South California. It is located near Orange and Los Angeles counties, twenty five miles from the beach. Disneyland and Knott’s berry farm are closer. Biola is ranked as one of the safest communities in the region. More than six thousand three hundred students enroll at the La Mirada campus. Offer over 40 majors and 80 concentrations. The teacher to student ratio is 16:1, 22% of students are from out of…

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  • Cultural And Ethical Aspects: DNP Project

    Cultural and Ethical Aspects: DNP Project Self-reflection Beginning in high school, I became aware of the differences that people made regarding group associations. There were those who were intellectual – competing for valedictorian and salutatorian, musicians – concert and marching bands, technically skilled – agricultural and machine oriented, and then there was me. Most students would only associate with their specific groups; however, I would associate and have friends in a variety of…

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  • First Day Jitters

    1st Day Jitters “Aliyah!!” I leap out of bed and wonder what my mom called me for, oh wait I know it’s my first day of my new school, normally people would be excited, but not me. I just moved 2 weeks ago and now I have to go to my new school. My mom and I moved because my mom got a new job offer. I was and still am sad that we had to move. I was leaving all my friends there and my old house. I love that house and now someone else lives in it. It’s easy for my mom to say it will be fine…

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  • Loser's Club Analysis

    Throughout the course of a teenagers life, he/she will go through a lot of experiences, challenges and will also face adversity along the way. Although, as they face these challenges they will slowly realize that these challenges will result in positive changes down the road. For example, in John Lekich’s novel Losers’ Club, Alex and his friends have to overcome their high school bully. In Tweaked, Gordie has to overcome the hurdles of dealing with his older brother who has a drug addiction. In…

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  • Essay On The Fight Against Narcotics

    The Fight Against Narcotics Ruben Hinojosa, a graduate from Texas State University, acquired a degree in Criminal Justice; therefore, overcoming the university's stereotype of being ranked one of the top party schools in the state of Texas. Being Hispanic Ruben was able to face his obstacles with great positivity and knowledge allowing him to further complete his studies and succeed in his career. Having the ability to speak both English and Spanish Mr. Hinojosa was able to elevate his…

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  • Cultural Diversities In Universities

    Cultural diversities within Universities. Throughout this paper, I will examine and research about cultural diversities in universities. The aim of this paper is to discover how students adapt to new cultures when they come to a new space which is the university. I will research and explore the challenges they face in coming to a new environment and having to learn new cultures, these challenges may include broad cultures, different languages and ways of teaching. The research will be based…

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  • How Children Succeed By Paul Tough: Chapter Analysis

    Ashley Friedman October 25th, 2014 Tough Book Review “Powerful, clear-eyed, beautifully written…How Children Succeed will change the way you think about children, “ states Alex Kotlowitz. How Children Succeed has a plan on how to succeed and how to build grit. Paul Tough, the author of How Children Succeed, is not only a journalist, but a new parent as well. He starts off by explaining to his readers that in the summer of 2009, he made a visit to a prekindergarten classroom a couple of weeks…

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  • Precis Pros And Cons

    Précis and Response Paragraphs The Need to Validate Vocational Interests: Précis Ashley Lamb-Sinclair, in her article “The Need to Validate Vocational Interests” (2016), argues that solely college-oriented academic programs are damaging to students better suited for vocational occupations, and often produce the reverse of their intended effect by discouraging teens who are otherwise intelligent and hardworking. Lamb-Sinclair formulates her arguments by combining her personal observations from…

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