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  • The Importance Of Poverty In Urban Schools

    Students living in poverty face trials and circumstances that are un-relatable and unimaginable to most outsiders. Their strength and resiliency to adversity is something to be acknowledged, however many challenges must be addressed within a school setting. Because of their unique experiences, students in urban schools bring funds of knowledge with them that must be utilized and unique challenges that must be overcome. “Tough and Resilient” were the two words my CMT, Mr. Louis, used to describe…

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  • My Bachelor's Degree: Personal Statement

    I was born in the Caribbean Island of Grenada also known as the Isle of Spice. I grew up in a stable household with my parents and an older brother. Both my parents did not have opportunities provided to them to get a proper education but they both worked very hard throughout the years to provide for their family and get to where they are today. As a side gig, my dad repaired computers and other electronic devices in which I would always sit and watch in curiosity. It was this that got me…

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  • Personal Narrative: Differences Between Elementary And Middle School

    Every since I was a little boy I always been big. Since the day I came out of my mama’s womb. But as I grew older I started to realize that I was different from others, because I would notice that everybody else is smaller than me, and that I was the biggest in my class. And when I went home every day, I realized as I got older that I was depressed. I was 9 years old, I’ll never forget it, It was me, and my mom at the mall going to get me some school clothes for the new school year. I’m in the…

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  • Reflective Essay On Personal Change

    In thinking of personal change right off the bat I personally view it as a point in time in my life where I felt like things took a turn and shifted. At the age of nineteen, going into my sophomore year of college I never realized how much change has occurred in my life until I start doing reflection and thinking about events that have motivated me into being the leader that I am proud to be today. It is truly a multitude of events that have led to be forming my personal definition of leadership…

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  • Marty Nemko Higher Education

    originally in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Nemko explains the lack of development in high school is attributed to the failure students have in college. Nemko goes a step further by also describing why students that have the caliber in qualifying to attend a greater institution fail as well. The issues behind such failures become attributed to the way colleges advertise themselves and prioritize the learning experience of their students. The neglect of a top education at the expense of…

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  • Narrative Essay On Jelly Fish

    It was the middle of 4th grade, at that time of the year, we had to write essays. I remembered that the prompt for the essay was about an animal that you wanted to write about. It was a prompt that I loved to write about since almost every year I wrote about the same animal. Almost every year in elementary school, I had to write a report on an animal, and every year I wrote about jellyfish because it was my favorite animal. I had already started the essay because I was already experienced and a…

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  • Leadership Reflection Report: What I Learn In College

    increase their knowledge they are told “everything in you learn in college is vital to your future career.” Stated by many of my own high school advisors, college counselors, and even my own family; I kept that mentality when I walked into my first day of class. This vision that was built for me was instantly shattered when I decided to apply for a work study position in my field of study. I quickly found out that what I was learning in college was 100% not parallel to what I was learning in the…

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  • Reflective Essay In Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha

    pure disappointment. Conversely, I was impressed and surprised with how much my writing has evolved over the semester. It is obvious that the handwork that I put into writing my essay’s started to pay off, making my below average essays into ones of college…

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  • Personal Narrative: Our 1, 000 Paper Cranes

    Our 1,000 Paper Cranes It all started one day in Ms.Anderson’s sixth grade classroom at J.A Rogers Elementry.It was a normal day early in the year about September,in class with work about ancient Greece after the lesson was over we had to answer questions and do a worksheet. I sat next to my best friend Nicole.She was taller and has dark,median size hair in a bun and black eyes with a scar on the side of her nose.She always made me laugh and I made her laugh but we were very different…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On Eating Disor

    Narrative Throughout my adolescence, hard work and integrity were embedded in my personality. I identified with succeeding in my advanced placement classes, being well liked amongst my teachers and peers, and maintaining a respectable appearance. Even more so, I aimed for perfection in every way I could. This served me well in my educational endeavors, and gave me a short-lived sense of superiority to others who did not exhibit such high standards for themselves. However, as high school became…

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