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  • The Little Mermaid Play Analysis

    The play I attended was The Little Mermaid. I watched it on March 18th, 2017. It was preformed by Garber High School, in the Ankney Auditorium. This was the first play that I have attended in over ten years and it was a great play to watch. Before the play I didn’t not get to look around, but I did get to look at the setup that is on the stage. The stage was a proscenium and it was a lot larger than Delta’s stage. A couple adjectives that describes the atmosphere of the theater is Lively,…

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  • My Vacation-Personal Narrative

    At the vulnerable age of 8, scared of lots of things, I had a huge imagination and over thought things way too much. The year of 2012 I went on a vacation which I thought would be one of the scariest things of my life turned out to be one of the most fun things I have ever done. I’ve never flown over the ocean before so with my imagination I thought of many outrageous things that could go wrong. We had two flights, one from Chicago to Atlanta and another from Atlanta to Nassau. Our first flight…

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  • Examples Of College Accomplishment

    College Application Essay Cameron Quinn 5. Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others. Title To truly find out who you, and to grow as a person, you have to do things that put you out of your comfort zone. An accomplishment that made me realize I grew as a person was when I decided to go help my elderly neighbour with her yard work. It was a saturday afternoon in early october, sunny but chilly with…

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  • Personal Narrative-Avatar The Last Airbender

    Martial arts have always had a positive impression on me. I remember when I was five years old, I would watch “Avatar the last Airbender.” I was so inspired by watching this show, just watching the characters doing crazy flips in the air ; it was an extravagant sight. My parents who would see me trying to perform such flips and karate techniques, decided it would be right for me to start taking karate classes. One day after school I was taken to a dojo about ten minutes away from my house,…

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  • Graduation Speech: If I Were Playing Basketball

    How long have you been playing basketball? I’ve been playing basketball since as long as I’ve known it, since I was a young kid about six years old. When did you realize that basketball was the sport for you? Was there any other sports that you played? No not really, when I was growing up my brothers played basketball and my mom loved basketball so I was always brought up in a basketball family, I never really played any other sports. Since I was young I was always either one of the tallest…

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  • How To Drop Out Of High School Essay

    Having a college degree is the goal of most students in order to start their life, but some students choose not going to college after finish high school. Some of them spend most of their time for video games, so it gives them weakness in study skills. They believe that finding a job with high school diploma is the best option for them since they think that they can’t handle college pressure and they will end up drop out of college. It could hurt the country economy since there are a lot of…

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  • Graduation Speech: Why I Want To Go To College

    Have you ever wondered about what college you ever wanted to go to? Of course not you are so young, it 's too early to be thinking about what college you should be going to. Well now it 's your junior year and college and just around the corner, crazy to think but it 's true. Half way through junior year, senior year is almost here and you need to be thinking about what college you want to go to. Crazy to think how you were just that little kid being asked what you wanted to be when you go up ,…

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  • Analysis Of Two Years Of Free Community College By Paul Pain

    In Paul Pain’s article “Two Years of Free Community College” tells about President Obama’s proposal to make community college free for two years for students. This would provide a higher education to be more accessible to people who want to further their education. Pain quotes Obama, “To make sure that community college was accessible to everyone…free for everybody who’s willing to work for it” (Para 2). The plan was based upon Tennessee’s Promise, where ninety percent of its 60,000 graduates…

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  • The Importance Of Managing Time

    Coming into college is very stressful for all incoming Freshman. We all worry about what we are going to wear, who we are going to hang-out with, or how we are going to make it through a long four years. With all of this going through their minds, it is hard to keep organized when all we want to do after classes is sleep and eat. One of the most beneficial topics, in my opinion, in USC class is the ability to manage time. Managing time seems to be a very easy idea, however, it seems to be…

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  • Cultural Differences Between China And America

    Contrast in Country A country is a nation with its own common language, culture, race, government, religion, or history. China and America are both different in culture and their beliefs of how they should live. As cultures have different systems thinking, sometimes foreigner may run into serious trouble without knowing the rules. Therefore, we should learn the difference values between each country, such as in the family, school, and workplace. There are many kinds of families in the world.…

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