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  • Banking Case Study

    1.Introduction There are several factors that determine bank is special as a financial institution nowadays.1. Based on the definition, bank is a financial institution that involve some banking services/products such as deposits, loans and electronic transfers etc. And its financial operation is based on currency. In addition, 2.Banks have been developed for hundreds of years, it plays an vital role for growth of economy, especially for the scale of economies. Apart from that, differ from other…

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  • The Banking Concept Of Education

    create a learning environment that allows students of all races and backgrounds to succeed in the classroom. Paulo Freire, a philosopher and educator who created the essay, “The Banking Concept of Education”, develops theories about the execution of today’s teaching methods. He labels these two ways of teaching as the “banking” and “problem-…

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  • Punjab National Bank Case Study

    To deliver Business Correspondents (BC) facilities online, the Bank has established in place Kiosk Banking Solution that is shortly referred to as KBS. With the usage of this new technology the Financial Addition customers can have access to all the banking services like Account opening, mini statement, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, balance enquiry and fund transfer, etc. that are required by the customers at BC site in real…

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  • 3i Group Case

    the name of Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation (ICFC) in order to provide financing to small and medium companies (3i, 2015). The formation of ICFC was inspired by the Macmillan Committee that was formed to inspect whether the British banking and financial system was helping or hurdling the British trade and industry, realized after the 1929 stock market crash. Identified in the report was the disparity between depositors, who asked for high rate of return on their investments and…

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  • Importance Of Crm In Banking

    CRM: A COMPETITIVE TOOL FOR INDIAN BANKING SECTOR—AN ANALYSIS Mrs.Sweta Leena Hota, Research Scholar Utkal University Mobile:93381203920 Abstract Banking today has changed from pure banking to need based banking and focuses on customer satisfaction, as the success of every organisation depends upon satisfied customers. Customer acquisition has been overtaken by customer retention as customer satisfaction has become the key element for revenue generation for…

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  • Advantages Of Online Banking

    to the above, the research has compared the use of online banking VS traditional bank, since many people in Saudi Arabia are not aware of the advantages of electronic banking, which it should not be as a problem in these days. The purpose of this study is to study and analysis the impediments of using online services which include: automated teller machine (ATM), internet banking, and tele-banking and then compares it with manual banking. The study also focused on the solutions that could be…

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  • Analysis Of Karen Ho's Article 'Biographies Of Hegemony'

    explains how the vision that individuals have of investment banking and working on Wall Street is narrowing the students’ perspective of success. This tunnel-vision effect described by Karen Ho is connected to the “culture of smartness” which many students seem to believe in. In Susan Faludi’s text, “The Naked Citadel”, she also represents the idea of the a narrowing experience. Students who first hear about the field of investment banking and the so called great life on Wall Street, soon begin…

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  • The Federal Banking System

    The banking system is one of the most important things of our industries. A federal reserve bank is a regional bank of the Federal Reserve System. It also counts as the central banking system of the United States. It was created by the congress and it’s purpose was to provide the nation with a safer and more flexible monetary and financial system. It was designed to give an image of the economy and on economic activity in all parts of the nation. The Federal Reserve System is run by a board of…

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  • Concept Of Banking Education

    experienced Freire’s concept of banking education. According to Freire, in this education, “the teacher is the Subject of the learning process, while the pupils are mere objects.” (217). While teachers know of this method, they will still insist that if a student pays attention and does their homework, that they will succeed in their class. This isn’t always true, because education is more than a two-step process. Students need a method of learning that is best for them, and banking education…

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  • Hong Leg Investment Bank Berhad Case Study

    The first problem is the workforce of the future as the bank dealing with the change and millennial challenge. The advances in technology and stiffer banking regulation has led to increase transparency. Banks are now looking for new ways to deliver value to clients and create a new competitive edge. The nature of the work of the bank is changing in the search for differentiation and drive to digitize the industry’s value chain, along with the skills required to deliver those services. As the…

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