Case Study: Couple

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Overview of Couple Sarah and James have been together for almost four years. Sarah is a white 24-year-old Italian woman. Compared to James that is a25-year-old black Dominican male. Sarah works for the department of human resources while James works as an analyst for a private company. They are currently living together in a two-bedroom apartment. They decided to move in together a year ago. They are currently just dating, with no plans of engagement or having children. They do have a dog named Piper that they treat like a daughter. Both Sarah’s and James’s family live close by. Sarah described her family as the normal Italian family. Her family is composed of her father, her mother, her two sisters and her brother. Her father is the one …show more content…
When she was done, he added; “she couldn’t resist my Latin love”. James mentioned that the idea to move in together was mostly his. He mentioned that she used to spend 99% of the time in his house. Therefore, when it was time to renew his lease, he talked to her about getting a place together. Sarah however, stated that it was a joint decision to move in together, not just his. In addition, James mentioned that the apartment just felt in their laps. He was looking for apartments in another area when he met the owner of their apartment in a bar. The owner talked to him about the apartment he has renting and he went to see it that same day. James jokes around saying “it was meant to …show more content…
While, James reported having low levels of relationship cohesion. However, even though their levels of cohesion were different, their levels of actives were the same. Moreover, they both reported having significant high levels of relationship consensus. In general, Sarah reported more “more often than not and once a week” than James. However, neither James nor Sarah ever reported to “always disagree and/or never”. The questionnaire also reports that Sarah has questioned the relationship, compared to James that has never questioned it. In addition, they both reported “rarely” when asked if they had considered terminating the relationship in rarely of occasions. When you add all the scores collected in the entire questionnaire, Sarah and James reported having the same score.

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