The Role Of Narcissism In Homosexuality

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Narcissism is defined as extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one 's own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type (Carlson et al, 2011). People with the traits of a narcissist might consider themselves different or unique as well as superior to or better than others. They uphold this grandiose self-concept both internally, by fantasizing about fame, power or love, and externally, by defending the self against criticism, associating with high-status others, and seeking admiration and attention (Campbell et al, 2002). Some researchers may define it as some level of social dysfunction, including an exaggerated sense of self-importance and aggressive behaviour (Lavner et al, 2015).
Many people fall in
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However, there is a lack of studies investigating the impact of narcissism within romantic homosexual relationships. However, both heterosexual and homosexual narcissists are both predators looking new victims, the way lions look for prey – they are hungry. Hungry for adoration, admiration, acceptance, approval, and any other kind of attention. I find something about the thought of a homosexual narcissist interesting though. Their self-definition tends to hinge on their sexual identity. Their obsession with oneself, one’s own body, and the need for the admiration of those things from their partner is not something you see often in heterosexual relationships. While the challenge of being gay in today’s society adds another dynamic in a homosexual relationship, the dynamics of a heterosexual relationship can be extreme too. Men typically become enraged at people, women, who deny them, whether it is social status, having a trophy partner or sexual …show more content…
My participants are the females in heterosexual or homosexual relationships. Because of this, the results might vary, due to the dynamics of those relationships being different. In this correlational study, I will determine the extent of the relationship between narcissistic personality traits and relationship satisfaction in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. This study should be important to researchers because it provides more research on the impact of narcissism within relationships, and how those two things correlate. It is predicted that participants and their partners who score higher in Narcissism will score lower on

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