Commonwealth Bank Of Australia Case Analysis

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1. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is a universally known firm forming businesses with countries all around the world, including The United States of America, The United Kingdom, and Asia. This company provides financial services including retail banking, premium banking, business banking, institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment and share-broking products and services.

A corporate social responsibility activity carried out by the company is the Group Environmental Policy. Among some of the practices carried out by the company is managing climate change such as supporting innovative technologies that reduce the reliability on non-renewable sources of energy, monitoring
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Among the practices carried out by the company is accommodating human rights considerations into product and services, providing civil and equal work opportunities for every employee of the company and also advertise the practice of human rights when conversing and conducting business with the customers of the community. The stakeholders involved are The Executive Committee and the Business and Support units. The stakeholders that contribute to this activity learn to recognize the capacity of human rights in the world that continues to grow day by day. This helps to affirm the duty of the company to continue their dedication to respect human rights for efficient management.
2. Another stakeholder, other than stated in the previous question, that affects the company is the Board of Directors. Their duty is to overlook the policy of the corporate social programmes that are carried out by the company and ensure the guidelines are followed as implemented. The relationship between the board of directors and the company is to maintain the sustainability of the company for the future. The Board of Directors hold
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The group audit works to ensure that all policies that were established by the company is followed to further smoothen out the conductivity of operations within the company.

An example of an activity that can be carried out to by the company to engage the Board of Directors and the Group Audit is fund raising for the less fortunate. Fund raising activities instil values in whoever that readily indulges in it whether it may be in their personal life or even in carrying out their job at work. For example, the Group Audit stakeholders will learn to improve their skills of carrying out duties as a team. In the work place, the Group Audit work as a party, as the completion of their tasks depend on the outcome of their teamwork. By focusing their dedication on working together to help the less fortunate, whether it may be the homeless, the elderly, the sickly or even the underage, they will develop a stronger sense of unity amongst one another. This will furthermore improve the standards of their working environment to be more harmonious as well as strengthen

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