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  • Burj Bank Case Study

    3. Consumer banking Financial Products: Burj Caarsaaz: With Burj Carsaaz you can have your very own auto decision without being overwhelming on your pocket. You are a salaried individual or a businessman; Burj Carsaaz is intended to meet vehicle back requirements of…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Dodd-Frank Act

    The Dodd-Frank act has defined the American financial system since 2010. The law was passed by Congress in order to increase accountability and regulation for banks, financial intermediaries, and market exchanges. The bill has been highly disputed across the United States, with critics saying the law either goes too far or doesn’t go far enough. Many deadlines for implementation of additional parts of the law have been missed (Liu) and as of recently a repeal bill has been passed through…

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  • Maa Group Berhad Case Study

    As a financial and insurance service group, MAA Group Berhad (MAAG) is a wholly owned Malaysia invested holding company operating in the Financial Services Sector and is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. MAA Group has been long time in industry player with its first appearance in 1968 through Malaysian American Assurance Company Berhad (MAAB), which was incorporated as a public listed company principally engaged in the General and life insurance businesses. MAA Group was founded in…

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  • Smartix Case Study

    The founder and CEO of Smartix is Vivek Khuller, Smartix is an electronic ticketing system that allows users access to sporting events with a piece of identification. The system functioned by the actual ticket sitting electronically on a computer server. To enter the sporting complex, the user would have to have present a piece of identification to the person at the entrance. They will then type your name in and see if there is a match on the server. If it's a match, you will be allowed to enter…

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  • State Bank Of Pakibi Case Study

    Candidate 23 Q1. Who appoints the Banking Mohtasib? Discuss the characteristics, jurisdiction and the tenure of holding office of the Banking Mohtasib. (10 Marks) APPOINTMENT OF THE THE BANKING MOHTASIB: The Banking Mohtasib is appointed by the president of Pakistan with consultations of the state bank of Pakistan. TENURE The banking Mohtasib is appointed for a tenure of three years. CHARACTERISTICS The Banking Mohtasib's main task is to see that the banking sector is not impeding to…

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  • Bank Of America Essay

    acquire 5 different companies to expand their business model, allowing them to have over 82% of the U.S. population market by 2009. They held leadership positions in 23 of 30 top metropolitan areas, and held the number one position in online/mobile banking. However, like most businesses, when the recession hit, BofA suffered many losses. The CEO at the time was Kenneth Lewis, and he had decided to allow the federal government to give the bank $20 billion for 36% of ownership in order to help…

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  • Jan Dhan Yojana Case Study

    execution Story :Jan Dhan Yojana the biggest financial inclusion drive. The Purpose Jan Dhan Yojana - the prime minister's biggest project to ensure financial inclusion of households in India was started with an idea to provide 'Universal access to banking facilities'. The Problem Pradhan Mantri has given a target of 7.5 crore bank accounts to be opened by banks. Raghuram Rajan, the governor of Reserve Bank of India identifies the challenges and cautions banks in which he regulates to be…

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  • Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of International Bank

    ICICI is located in India with more than 19 office worldwide. strength point: With assets worth more than $ 27 billion, Bank Muscat leading financial services in Oman with a strong presence in corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking, Islamic banking services, treasury, private banking and asset management. The bank has the largest distribution network of 149,645 ATMs and cash deposit machines device and more than 10,000 POS terminals. International Operations Branch consists…

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  • J & K Bank Case Study

    provide better services. Every branch is fully furnished with chairs and tables and other accessories. Bank has also installed modern banking machines like passbook update machine, waiting ticket machine and check drop machine. Now J&K Bank ltd is expanding its branch network by opening 122 new business units and 179 ATMs in the state of J&K to increase banking infrastructure…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Postal Banking

    how the postal banking service was initiated and implemented, how there was a connection between the postal banking service and the effects it had on the savings and loan industry, the financial banking system and the US economy. When discussing the savings and loan industry O’Hara and Easley discuss the inadvertent ramifications the postal banking service had on crippling the saving and loans industry. How the fixed rates were inflexible and how that effected the financial banking system; and…

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