Standard Chartered Bank Case Study

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Company background of Standard Charted Bank
Starting its voyage as a banking corporation in 1853, at present Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) is an international bank group that is incorporated in the UK with its Headquarters at London with operations in more than 70 countries. SCB operates network of more than 1200 branches and employs of 87,000 people. Besides that 90% of its profits come from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It is now focus on consumer, corporate, and institutional banking, and on the provision of treasury services.
1.2 Workforce Diversity in Changing World of Work
The changing world of work means how the type of work people do it is rapidly changing. In this era of globalisation the needs of individuals
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The company also provide a wide range of support and training for women to set up their own career. For example, offer a Diva account to meets the women’s needs through customized debit card, discounts and membership to the Diva Club. Besides that, they have created development seminars for those women employees such as roundtable breakfasts, health and wellbeing events, and financial literacy training. Even more, Standard Chartered Bank offers crèches, on-site child care centres and mother’s rooms for the convenient of female …show more content…
This action can bring about certain communication issues. Hiring different nationality of employees who first language is not English may occurred communication barriers. In every company or organizations even Standard Chartered Bank, the executive managers and employees must communicate during their working. In the process of communication, managerial and employees may difficulties communicating with one another because of their own language is different. To quote an example, when a manager gives instructions about completing a task to an employee, the employee may fails to fully comprehend the instructions. After that, during doing the task he will make mistakes if he tries to complete the task without receiving clarity. Therefore, it is fairly obvious that communication barriers will directly make misunderstanding and a decrease in

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