QSEN Case Study

The competences for QSEN address the KSA involved in patient centered care, collaboration or team involvement, quality of care, safety in care, and informatics. How can you become more effect in using the KSA in each of these areas?
Quality Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) is focused on assisting future nurses obtain necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) required to overcome the challenges in the health care system (QSEN, 2014). Quality care and safety are very important in Nursing and in the health care system at large. QSEN is incorporated through the use of national survey in the undergraduate and graduate programs to ascertain important keys to quality patient care. This led to the implementation of (KSA) as a means to create
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According to Hamric (2014), team work should be included in the required competencies in institutions and should be incorporated into the advanced practice nursing education. Team work makes patient care a lot smoother and could improve patient outcomes. Collaboration in the health care system encourages learning because each health care department is different. Team work improves patient satisfaction because patients can tell a lot of the time when collaborative effort is utilized during their care. Team work enables the patient to understand one plan of care rather than having different people saying different things about their health. For example, a resident doctor told a patient that his prognosis was very good and should be discharged sooner than the patient expected. But when the attending physician spoke with the patient, he told the patient something different. This made the patient very upset and it was very difficult for the patient to trust that he was getting the best care possible. More so, collaborative care instills some level of trust in the patient and encourages patient centered care. Team work also involves each health care discipline understanding their scope of practice and utilizing professional strategies to incorporate team work when necessary (QSEN, 2014). It is important to understand that communication could be a major barrier in …show more content…
Quality of care can be ascertained through the use of quality improvements. Knowledge about the strategic means of improving patient care is very important as I could guide practice as an APN. In quality improvements, data is collected and used to assess positive or negative reports and measures are set in place to improve quality and safety (QSEN, 2014). Daily assessment of quality improvement is very important and all aspects of care should be reviewed such as patient confidentiality, ethics, safety, communication, infection control, and many more (QSEN, 2014). Improving quality of care is a collaborative effort of the management teams, health care professionals, patients as well as family members (QSEN, 2014). It is very important that the goal of quality improvement is well understood by everyone involved, which is to provide quality of care. Understanding the importance of quality improvement will make health care providers work harder and patients more receptive to care. As an advanced practice nurse (APN), providing good quality of care is very essential in practice and should not be taken for granted. I can be more effective in using KSA by gaining as much knowledge as possible and implementing them in my practice with the right

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