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  • Freire's Essay: The Banking Concept Of Education

    In the essay, “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education,” Freire discusses the importance of the correct kind of formal education, otherwise known as problem posing education. It involves communication, freedom, critical thinking, creativity, and so many more aspects that allow us to truly learn. Unfortunately, there are instances when the exact opposite of problem-posing is used in the classroom. The banking concept of education describes students as, “receiving, filing, and storing” (Freire 216) as…

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  • The Economic Impact Of The Banking Industry In The UK

    particularly the banking sector; which is the section of the economy that holds financial assets. ‘Over the past 40 years the size of the UK banking system has grown dramatically and under plausible assumptions it could continue to grow rapidly.’ The United Kingdom’s banking industry has been very successful and is seen as one of the largest in the world. However, there has been a dip within the financial sector due to the 2008 credit crunch, having a huge effect on the banking sector and their…

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  • BAWAG Case Study

    limited bank and is an entity in the financial and insurance sector. Established in 1922 in Austria, it has its headquarters in the capital city - Vienna. Some of the services that it offers are investment banking, commercial banking, private banking and asset management. BAWAG offers online banking facility along with online support for customers. Few years ago, BAWAG suffered a huge amount of losses owing to having used unreasonable investment tactics in off-balance-sheet medium. It also lent…

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  • The Banking Concept Of Education Summary

    popular and schools began to be built in more places, lessons became more uniform and policies began to be put in place to structure education. However, as education has changed throughout the years, so has the quality of the education. In “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education, Paulo Freire uses the comparison of a bank to the current style of education in order to reveal several problems within the education system, suggesting that students are not being taught how to think critically. Paulo…

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  • Indian Credit Rating Agency Case Study

    • To determine how the BRM team works and their importance in a credit rating agency. • To study the infrastructure portfolio size of the banks in Chennai 2. CREDIT RATING AGENCIES IN INDIA &TRAINING ORGANISATION 2.1 Indian Credit Rating agencies- The beginning Birth of the rating agencies in India The idea of behind the rating agency was evolved in 1986 with the help of Pradip Shah, an HDFC employee and also an Harvard graduate suggested the idea of the credit rating agency to Nadkarni…

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  • Barings Bank Case Study

    risk anyway. And of course top management and Auditors questioning where the origin of the spider. Lack of knowledge about the trading Barings business is indeed justified in considering the most senior Barings managers have a background of merchant banking. The members of the Assetand Liability Committee (ALCO), which monitors market risk, stated it's a matter of quantity of positions taken Leeson, but later felt comfortable with the thought that eksposure Barings over market risk is relatively…

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  • The Importance Of Liquidity Risks In Banking

    The banking sector plays a main role in the financial process in every economy, making its efficiency and effectiveness an essential requirement in order to ensure stability and growth (Halling, M. and Hayden, E, 2006). (Diamond, D.W. and Rajan, R.G, 2001), states that banks are involved in valuable economic activities and their major concerns remain their survival and profitability. On the asset side of the balance sheet, banks guarantee the smooth flow of funds by lending to deficit spending…

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  • Rural Banking Case Study

    Rural Banking Potential In India and its Expanding Scope History – Rural areas are endowed with not only the agriculture but also with the activities like fisheries, bee keeping, livestock etc. The question that arises here is, even with such potential of making profits who is there to fund their ideas. In 1975 the narshimhan committee recommended the formation of regional rural banks in India. On 2nd October 1976 five RRBs were setup with the capital of 100crores but later it was augmented…

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  • HDFC Regalia Credit Card Case Study

    HDFC Regalia First Credit Card HDFC Regalia Credit Card is a card offered by HDFC bank. The card comes with special privileges and benefits. The card also offers the feature of reward points on all card transactions. These points when accumulated can be used to purchase gifts and other items. Why HDFC There are plenty of banks in the market that offer credit card facilities. What makes HDFC unique is the fact that it is the second largest private bank in the country. It has a network of…

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  • Paulo Freire: The Banking Concept Of Creativity

    The Banking Concept of Creativity A narrator tells a story, a story about something they experienced or are familiar with, but the narrator never allows anyone to add input into the story, and that takes away from creativity. The “Banking Concept of Education” by Paulo Freire portrays the illustration of the teacher being the narrator and the student being the patient. I believe that this relationship is uninspiring and unrealistic. Students spend the majority of their adolescent years in…

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