The Banking Concept Of Education By Paulo Freire

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Do many people realize a suitable education method can change people’s life? With the development of society, the country needs to renew strength instead of the traditional method. How do you deal with traditional problem? The most essential thing changes people’s teaching method when people are young. Let more people recognize the importance of innovation and people also gain better future. In Paulo Freire chapter, “The ‘Banking’ concept of education” he talks about two educational methods one is “the Banking concept of education” and another is “problem-posting education”. Paulo Freire has different attitudes about these two educational methods. Firstly, Paulo Freire opposes “the Banking concept of education” and he deems it a harmful education method which makes the students filled with information by teachers. The students are oppressed, by the teachers and they do not achieve anything. The banking concept makes more students hate studying and they do not find interests in the class. In the essay, the writer Paulo Freire notes that “The teacher issues communiqués and makes deposits which the …show more content…
Paulo Freire indicates that it is a modern method because people can show their ability and also they can acquire the knowledge outside of textbooks. In the essay, the writer Paulo Freire records that “the problem-posing method does not dichotomize the activity of the teacher-student: she is not ‘cognitive’ at one point and ‘narrative’ at another. Whereas banking education anesthetizes and inhibits creative power, problem-posing education involves a constant unveiling of reality.” (pg222) The chapter “The banking concept of education” has considered problem-posing method as a useful tool, because students have a chance to search the questions and it has fit the modern education concept. The students according to their strength to access results and they will have a deep

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