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  • Panopticon Characteristics

    surveillance cameras that monitor every movement that takes place on both the interior and exterior of the complex, turning the bank into an unavoidable presence of exposure to the millions of bank employees and bank customers that engage in everyday banking. Much like a panopticon, banks use this tactic of oversight to initiate their fearful agenda onto its victims. Banks can even be compared to The Plague when Foucault speaks of the surveillance needed to contain the deadly disease, he states…

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  • Thelma Agnes Smith And Riley Case Study

    Thelma Agnes Smith v. David Phillip Riley, Statement of facts. The plaintiff and defendant cohabited together for numerous years without entering into marriage or civil union. Although, there was a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, the relationship has soured resulting in the need to liquidate assets that were acquired within joint ownership. The plaintiff and defendant had both agreed previously to how the assets would be divided, this agreement was not followed therefore litigation…

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  • Coinbase Case Study

    The Unconventional Guide to get Coinbase Phone Number With the fast-changing world, the concept of crypto currency has evaluated to a huge extend. There are number of crypto currency wallets and exchange services available. One of the most popular one is COINBASE. It is a digital currency exchange service. It was setup in July 2, 2012 having a headquarter base in San Francisco, California, US. It was founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. From 2018, for around 32 countries Coinbase allows…

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  • Case Study: Union Bank And Trust Company

    approved initiation and authorization limits are in place based on job function. D. User access review performed at least annually to ensure all users have appropriate access and limits. 7. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RISK Information technology enables banking organizations to carry out their wire activities more efficiently and effectively, however Information Technology can also be a source of risk for the financial institution and the customer. Risk: Disaster takes place that affects the…

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  • The Banking Rating System In The Banking Industry

    The banking sector plays a very important role in the country’s economy, therefore, the banking industry offer up to the national incomes and the global growth. It is imperative to assess, break down and screen the banking performance . Variety of methods was used to analyse the performance of banks and the most popular ways it eh CAMELS rating system, the banking supervision institution based on six factors to assess the registration of financial institutions. CAMELS represents the six rating…

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  • Q & M Dental Company Case Study Summary

    1a. Founded in 1996, Q&M Dental Group (Group) started out as a single private dental clinic in Singapore, and by the time it was listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited on 26 November 2009, it had 34 locations in Singapore. As of FY2016, it has 71 outlets islandwide, 6 clinics in Malaysia and 12 clinics in The People’s Republic of China (PRC). To increase its brand awareness and presence, it ventured into acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances…

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  • Personal Essay: Extreme Poverty In 18 Years Of My Life

    In my eighteen years of life so far, my family and I have lived in extreme poverty and over the years have gradually worked our way up to middle class. I have seen hands on how the rules of the poverty class as well as the middle class play a huge role in society. The middle class is not perfect by any means, but it is much more comfortable that poverty. As someone who grew up in poverty, I can say that there are many luxuries my family and I had to get by without, such as bank accounts, access…

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  • Bank Of America Case Study

    CASE STUDY: Bank of America Customer Service – Good Customer Satisfaction Bank of America is one of the world's biggest budgetary foundations, serving singular customers, little and center market organizations and substantial partnerships with a full scope of keeping money, contributing, resource administration and other monetary and hazard administration items and administrations. The organization gives unmatched comfort in the United States, serving more than 59 million customer…

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  • Paulo Freire: The Banking Concept Of Banking Education

    The banking concept of education is a way of teaching embraced by some teachers. It focuses on making students memorize and repeat the information without understanding. Paulo Freire, a Brazilian educator and philosopher, strongly opposes the idea of banking education in his paper “The banking concept of education”. Freire believes that banking education should be abandoned in its entirety and replaced by “problem posing education”. Personally, I’ve experienced both types of education. I believe…

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  • Bitblisscoin ICO Case Study

    Six Reasons Why You Should Invest in the BitBlissCoin ICO ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings have become an integral part of the cryptocurrency industry. They are an innovative platform through which start ups raise capital. Since Ethereum’s successful crowd sale in 2013, ICOs are all the rage nowadays, eclipsing venture capital funding to become the most popular method of raising capital. According to a recently released Coindesk report, $327 million was raised through ICOs in 2017, compared to…

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