Back Office Manager Case Study

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The Back-Office Manager plays an increasingly important with a truly cross-cutting function within the bank. It is no longer a mere administrative function applied to the traditional operations of the bank. This must be done in compliance with deadlines, rules and circuits. This function covers the management and accounting of operations as well as management control.
It's about:
 Optimize procedures
It continuously monitors the proper arrangements for service. The implementation of dashboards helps manage activity. He oversees the processing of transactions, organizes and ensures the capture, control, settlement, delivery and financial recording of negotiations of securities made by the front office. He's the sort who takes care to integrate in the accounting books all these complex operations. As a manager, he watches over a team of accounting records relating to operations carried out by his colleagues in the front office. Moreover, it must ensure compliance of operations and update their confirmations to the
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I could participate in typical days of its activities through various missions entrusted to me which I enjoyed with a major concern which is the quality rendered to the customer. The introduction of teamwork daily and the positive mood in the interventions remains a priority. The opportunity was given to me to familiarize myself with the methods of management of a bank cash and apply the accounting treatment of some treasury operations. I am equally proud to have been part of the development of new tools that have been set up a month after I arrived in the company and contribute to the training of colleagues who were struggling with the handling of these

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