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  • Bank Profitability Case Study

    Significant connection between the capital ratio and profitability is not restricted to USA local banking industry as a study of 18 countries from 1986-1989 explained that Capital ratio impacts bank profitability positively even thought such association restricted to sate own banks (Molyneux & Thornton, 1992). They also mentioned that a positive association…

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  • Bancassurance Case Study

    A STUDY ON CONSUMER AWARENESS OF BANCAASURANCE PRODUCTS IN LAKSMI VILAS BANK(KAMBARASAMPETTAI) Sriram S, C.A balachandran.S Student, IInd year MBA, SASTRA University. Professor, School of Management, SASTRA University. Thirumalaisamudram, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India. Email – Email - ABSTRACT The Bancassurance is an arrangement between a bank and an insurance company, whereby the insurance company uses the bank sales channel to sell…

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  • Urban Cooperative Bank Case Study

    failure. As extension of deposit insurance to cooperative banking sector presupposes some semblance of Reserve Bank control over them, some provisions of B.R. Act, 1949 were made applicable to Urban Cooperative banks in 1966 after an intense debate among State Governments, Government of India and RBI. This was a landmark in the evolution of urban banking movement in India. Consequently, the cooperative banks came under duality of control. The banking related functions…

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  • Back Office Manager Case Study

    The Back-Office Manager plays an increasingly important with a truly cross-cutting function within the bank. It is no longer a mere administrative function applied to the traditional operations of the bank. This must be done in compliance with deadlines, rules and circuits. This function covers the management and accounting of operations as well as management control. It's about:  Optimize procedures It continuously monitors the proper arrangements for service. The implementation of dashboards…

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  • Case Study Wells Fargo Bank

    ASSIGNMENT REPORT ON FAKE BANK ACCOUNTS SCAM IN WELLS FARGO BANK USA 1. Describe what happened. The case in discussion here is opening of unauthorized and fake bank accounts by employees of Wells Fargo Bank all over US. Various employees in Wells Fargo Retail stores all over the country signed up customers for various products like a new checking accounts, debit accounts, credit card accounts without their approval or consent. The employees then used to transfer money from the customers…

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  • Banco Bradesco Case Study

    Banco Bradesco S.A. is headquartered in Osasco, Brazil and operates as an international bank, offering various types of banking product and services. Bradesco operates through two segments: Banking, and Insurance, Pension & Capitalization Bonds. The Banking segment includes individuals and small, midsize and large companies located in Brazil. The Insurance, Pension & Capitalization Bonds segment offers products which include health, life, personal accident, automobile and other types of assets.…

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  • Marijuana Industry: Case Study

    been blocked out of the banking industry. The reason these banks will not take the marijuana industry’s money is because it is still federally illegal to do anything with marijuana and the banks fear being raided or shut down by the DEA or Drug Enforcement Agency due taking “drug money”. This had lead to many problems in the industry from making it very hard to start new shops to being squeezed out of the market by people with bigger bankrolls. But Lamine Zarrad a federal banking regulator might…

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  • First Citizens Bank Essay

    Jibriel Mijalli T/TH 9:30AM Steinke First Citizens Bank was founded in 1979 by a group of local businessmen with one purpose in mind: to provide a healthy banking environment for local business and individuals. The doors first opened on July 8, 1980, operating underling a local management and conservative governing philosophy. First Citizens Bank mission is to be able to continually improve in management and technological improvements so they can always offer the same or better support…

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  • Pradhan Manthri Jan Dhan Yojana Case Study

    A study on the implications of Pradhan Manthri Jan Dhan Yojana on the growth of Indian Economy Authors: 1. T. Mary Jones Associate Professor and Head, Department of MBA, PACE Institute of Technology & Sciences, Vallure 2. S. DivyaSri II MBA PACE Institute of Technology & Sciences, Vallure. 3. G. Bavani II MBA PACE Institute of Technology & Sciences, Vallure. Abstract: Indians are transforming from rural India to digital India with so many initiatives by the Central government of our…

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  • The Importance Of Banking

    unique financial experiences. Jeff Blyskal writes, “The good news in banking is that consumers have options; no one has to settle for merely acceptable service.” (Blyskal) Another important fact when deciding on a bank is to consider the fees that you might have to pay. Some banks offer free accounts with a minimum balance, while others might require you to pay a small monthly maintenance fee. says, “Banking fees have risen significantly in recent years, and show no signs…

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