Competitor Analysis: Maybank And ICBC Bank

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Competitor Analysis
The competitor analysis was a critical part of this project, the selected banks were analysed for each of the products offered. The products and services offered by two banks i.e. Maybank and ICBC bank were analysed in depth, whereas the products and services provided by the other 2 banks are mentioned.
Maybank (MAYBANK, 2015)
Maybank services are broadly divided into the following heads.
• Personal Banking
• Business Banking
Personal Banking
• Deposits
• Loans
• Investment

Current Deposits
Foreign Currency Call Account – Available in US dollars and Euro, this account gives you access to quick cash when you need it. Provides flexibility to access US dollars and EURO and also transfer funds in foreign currency
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Franchise financing scheme – This is jointly participated scheme with two participating banks i.e. Maybank and CIMB for the purpose of financing working capital or asset acquisition.

Green technology financing scheme – This scheme aims to promote Green Technology by providing loans / financing to companies that supply and utilise Green Technology, minimise the degradation of the environment through zero or low greenhouse gas emission and whose manufactured products are safe for usage to promote a healthy and improved environment.

SME express – This facility is designed to achieve fast turnaround time for approval of Small and Medium Entrepreneur (SME) loans.

Property/Asset Financing

SME property & business financing – This is to provide the business with extra funds to grown in the competitive market. The purpose is to make new purchases, refinance, re-mortgage and redraw.

Maxi plan & business property based financing – The objective of this is to finance acquisition of industrial and commercial
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Simply activate your Precious metal sub-accounts and start trading via the personal internet banking platform.


Personal remittance service allow you to send money overseas easily, through their established global network, you can remit money to all major countries around the world. Fast and reliable at minimum cost.

The following forms of transfer are available

Local SGD funds transfer
Transfer SGD funds to the banks in Singapore through counter service or internet banking with no charges.

RMB fixed-rate remittance
This service is used to remit RMB to China by converting from SGD or USD in Singapore. This remittance service supports all banks in China as beneficiary bank except Rural Credit Cooperative and Postal Savings Bank of China. It takes 2-3 working days to reach beneficiary’s account. Under the prevailing Chinese regulations, each Chinese national is only allowed to receive up to USD 50,000 or equivalent of RMB fixed-rate remittance every calendar year. These services are provided at attractive exchange

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