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  • Plato's Ion Analysis

    In the current world of art, it seems that inspiration and imitation are separated by only a thin line. Someone could present what they made based off inspiration, but critics can accuse it to be merely a copy of someone’s else work. These differences in perceptive seems to be a reoccurring argument that lasted the centuries. One of the most famous work that demonstrate this conflict is Plato’s Ion. This written dialogue between Greek philosopher Socrates and professional rhapsode Ion dives into…

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  • Bottom-Up Interference In The Flanker Task By Rotem Avital-Cohen And Tsal

    How well is our brain able to focus and not let distractors get in the way? Through results of flanker tasks, it seems that our brain is not that good with ignoring distractors. This leads to a debate on whether top down processes are used in both targets and interfering distractors in flanker tasks or if bottom up processes are used. In a research article, titled “Top-Down Processes Override Bottom-up Interference in the Flanker Task” by Rotem Avital-Cohen and Yehoshua Tsal, it is clear that…

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  • 4 Day School Week Research Paper

    -Four Day School Week- I bet you would love a four day school week, but is it unhealthy ? Yes actually it is very unhealthy for us and I will tell you why. My goal is to prove that my side of a four day week schedule. I have been thinking about this topic, and know that i 've studied it i feel good about it.Students need more time to to learn a four - day - week - schedule is not enough. A three day weekend gives less memory retained. Sometimes students do not think that their home is safe. My…

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  • CVI: Characteristics Of Vision In Children

    life (Roland et al., 1986); for this reason, this paper will focus on how CVI manifests in children rather than adults. Aspects of vision that may be impaired or affected in children with CVI include acuity, color, movement, visual field, visual attention span, and other various aspects of…

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  • Creative Visualization And Affirmations Essay

    Meditation is the best way to relax and de-stress. It can also improve the focus and concentration, which are really essential to accomplish the tasks at hand. In today’s age, distractions are in plenty and these can keep us away from completing the immediate work. Meditating regularly can improve our creativity and reduce the stress, which can lead to better results. How to Meditate? For people, who are used to doing Multitasking, to sit at one place quietly, can seem to be quite daunting.…

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  • Working Memory

    The study of working memory has been vast and varied in the field of psychology. Just the aspect of its capacity has had many experiments detailed in several publications. One of many questions asked is whether one can train working memory capacity(wmc) in order to increase it. If we can increase wmc, what other effects would that training have on other facets of the human mind? The first two questions are tackled in both Jaeggi (2008), which attempted to show the positive effects of wmc…

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  • Why Is Focus Important

    Focus, according to the Cambridge dictionary, is defined as the central point of attention or interest, or the ability to give all your attention, time, and energy to a particular activity. Having focus will significantly reduce the amount of time you waste each day dealing with distractions. You will have more control over your life and be able to use the time you saved in a more beneficial way. Why is focus important Focus is very important because it has such a significant impact on so…

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  • Eugene Gendlin Experiential Method Essay

    Eugene T. Gendlin born in1926 in Vienna. His family emigrated to the United States to escape the Nazis when he was a child. During the 1950s, He studied under Carl Rogers, the founder of client-centered therapy. Gendlin received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Chicago, where he became an Associate Professor. Gendlin believes the discovery of meaning is not in the conscious, or, the unconscious as suggested by Freud, not even the congruence between feeling, concept, and expression…

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  • The Importance Of Paying Attention

    Paying attention for the past three days has changed my opinion on how I should live and view my life. Although technology in society is beneficial for many, new studies are showing that technology may be affecting us negatively too. Often times we lose essential part of our days because we become so immersed in our phones and gadgets. Paying attention has showed me that I am forgetting to slow down and take a breath in my busy days at Cal Poly. Often times I need the listen to my surroundings…

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  • Cognitive Development In Infancy Summary

    Russel he does not lose interest in it. Research from the American Academy of Pediatrics made a policy that kids that watch TV under the age of 2 years old was due to the documented negative effects that watching TV can have on physical health, attention span, and language delays. From this article it said that children that watched Television that were under the age of two years old had no benefits from watching Television for the cognitive and language…

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