Attention management

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  • Cognitive Hyper-Attention Style

    abilities from a traditional deep-attention style to a modern hyper-attention style. She argues that this has challenged our abilities to perform at all educational levels. And after silently observing…

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  • Neurological Basis Of Learning And Memory

    autism. My current research project is focused on recording visual evoked potentials (VEPs) in awake behaving rats. I have acquired promising preliminary data that suggest our task design may offer a robust platform for assessing the source of visual attention deficits in rat models of neurodevelopmental disorders. My experience at Mount Sinai has provided me with enormous training opportunities. I have learned to be organized, work efficiently and think…

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  • My Story Project Reflection

    This first semester of college has been the fastest three and a half months of my life and sitting here writing this paper I find a reflection is more than called for. The ‘My Story’ project was a scary project coming into, because there was a lot of room to do what we wanted. At first glance the ‘My Story’ assignment was intended to point out what made us individuals, but in the end it showed us all what make us one. The largest aspect seen in every story was the portion of ourselves that we…

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  • Canadian History Museum Case Study

    today is that they place heavy emphasis on reading as a method of delivering information. While effective for many, there are specific groups of people that are either not capable of reading, struggle to read dense blocks of text, or do not have the attention span to read. The museum experience should be able to cater to as many groups as possible, and without reading the descriptive plaques, the experience is stripped to visuals with little information to back it up. While some museums provide…

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  • Magic Attention And Magic Perception

    Within cognitive psychology, the impact of attention on memory and understanding has been widely researched. In the study reviewed, researchers explored how different parts of the attentional network function in response to trickery such as magical illusions. The experiment looked at how people interpreted and explained a magic trick in which a pen disappears. Researchers wanted to know if the alerting and orienting modules of attention are both required to be active for people to understand a…

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  • Technology Affecting Students Education

    are completing complex tasks and help others more, while it has the negative impact of poor work and shorter attention span to tasks. One way is that technology has increased students’ motivation to learn and their self-esteem in what they learned. “...motivation with…

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  • Personal Reflection On Interpersonal Interaction

    I wish I used less fillers and mazes and was more precise. Sometimes, I would use too much selective attention, for example I focused so much on the interviewee’s family relationships and reciprocal treatment, that I forgot to ask about her resentment for putting others first. I also could have questioned her coping skills regarding her family’s laxity.…

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  • Arvind Ashok Interview Essay

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Arvind Ashok on Tuesday, January 19th at Starbucks in Round Rock, Texas for about forty minutes. Throughout our conversation, he struck me as a young man who while seeming terse and systematic in his answers, was authentic in his thirst for learning inside and outside the classroom and his skill as an on point communicator was present throughout the interview. Arvind grew up in a house with books of all types, which he soon learned were fun and took them in…

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  • Abnormal Psychology Reflection

    with his peers since Middle school. He expresses his feelings saying, “I had to act weird in order to gain attention. I was tired of being the invisible shy kid. Infamy is better than total obscurity. The teasing I received was bittersweet. It felt horrible to be teased and bullied... it caused me a lot of pain and anger... but at the same time I got a kick out of getting so much attention. It felt good to be confident enough to pick fights with the popular skateboarder kids. It was either that,…

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  • In A Sunburned Country Summary

    The book In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson is a travel book that revolves around Bryson 's visit to Australia. Bryson was born in 1951 in the United States but has since moved to the UK. Most of Bryson’s books are about travel, the english language, or science; he is probably best known for the book A Short History of Nearly Everything which explains a lot of more scientific things in a way everyone can understand. In a Sunburned Country has two titles, the other being Down Under. The…

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