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  • Benefits Of Multimedia In The Classroom

    Jurkowitz, and Rothman (2008) studied in their experiments the effect of increasing student interest by what they called extraneous or seductive details. As previously mentioned, multimedia presentations can increase attention, but it is important to note how they increase that attention. In the experiment, the researchers tested groups of participants on their retention of information about how a cold virus infects the human body after either a booklet, PowerPoint presentation, or animation on…

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  • The Importance Of Citizen Science

    classification, it is usually necessary to pay selective attention to only relevant features necessary for identifying instances of the class while ignoring irrelevant features (not useful for predicting class membership). Although selective attention leads to efficient learning, especially when making connections between instances with very sparse similarities and dense dissimilarities, it has its cost. The primary cost of selective attention is a learned inattention to features that are not…

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  • Dichotic Listening Report

    types of stimuli. Dichotic listening is a process meant to help us understand how the brain is divided into hemispheres and how those hemispheres differ in functionality. On a psychological level, it is also designed to help us understand selective attention to auditory stimuli. During a dichotic listening task, the participant wears a listening device (usually a set of headphones) and has a different auditory stimuli play in each ear, usually simultaneously. The stimuli played can range from…

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  • False Illusions

    To summarize, there has been increasing interest regarding false illusions and their relevant mechanisms and the reasons why have been quite apparent through this study. All these mechanisms and processes investigated in this study could provide a mediating tool in order to distinguish truthful memories between the specious ones. The extensive literature on DRM includes studies on some clinical cases such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer dementia, amnesia, affective disorders, anxiety, aging, as well…

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  • Why Do Students Should Be Allowed To Take A Lunch Break

    If students have permission to leave for lunch, their minds could take a break. Students’ brains need a break with all the AP and Honors classes that they take today. If students are allowed to take a lunch break, they may find it easier to pay attention in their classes. Off campus lunch breaks would allow students to enjoy themselves during the school day because during their breaks they could hang out with their friends or even take a nap. Giving students a lunch break would also allow…

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  • Level Of Love

    partner, you will be less likely to accept people you don 't want. Getting clear on what you want also helps you activate your selective attention. Selective attention is activated when you focus on a new thing or quality. For instance, when you want a new car, and you are specific about what you want, you will start to see the car everywhere. Your selective attention can pick out that car in a crowd of cars. It works for your perfect match too! Therefore, think about past relationships and…

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  • Alyssia's Poem Analysis

    discipline in keeping things tidy and following rules. Kelsey fixed up the house a little and made room on the coffee table to get started. "So, what characters did you have in mind, Alyssia?". "I want something small that will not attract too much attention and something I can change out of pretty quickly." Kelsey went in her closet and pulled out a bear costume, this was to represent Jojo the bear from a children 's book they read in class a week ago. Alyssia declined this offer because it…

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  • Is Modern Technology Affecting Us More Than It's Helping Us?

    “Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage and those who manage what they do not understand.”-Archibald Putt.” Now I chose this specific author quote because I feel that it applies to the topic at hand “is modern Technology hurting us more than it’s helping us”? And in my opinion, I do not feel that modern technology is hurting us in any shape, way or Form. Technology not only helps us keep up with friends and family that we have grown out of…

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  • Brett Silverstein Gender Differences

    The person I interviewed is Dr. Brett Silverstein, a psychology professor at the City College of New York. I heard about his comical lectures and decided to give the class a try when I enrolled for Psychology 10200 this semester. After attending a number of the classes, I came to see what everyone meant by how amusing and interesting this class is. I became highly interested in the field of psychology, and decided to interview Dr. Silverstein as part of this assignment. Learning more about his…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Kids Help Phones promotes support for children and teens twenty-hour hours a day, seven days a week. There are two main areas of focus on this website and since there are many aspects to discover I will mainly concentration on teenagers rather than kids. I believe examining topics related to teens for this assignment will be more interesting because the themes are more relevant to my own subject position. As Trisha argues in (*TedTalk), teenagers are less likely to speak about their problems to…

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