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  • An American Plague By Jim Murphy

    Philadelphia, the largest and most important U.S. city, soon fell apart in the summer of 1793. A deadly disease with absolutely no cure spread through the city like wildfire, killing more than 5,000 people. Conditions were so horrible, that almost everyone who could leave left. The whole government fled the city, including George Washington, the first U.S. president. Only one government official was brave enough to stay behind and help. Matthew Clarkson was a symbol of heroism for all those who…

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  • Salem Witch Hunt Research Paper

    Witch Hunt The Salem witch trials was only the start to “witch hunts” in the United States. Throughout history, there has been witch hunts for witches, communists, and one of the more recent, Muslim Americans. Ever since the terrorist attack on 9/11, there has been a stereotype that all Muslim Americans are terrorists or dangerous in some way. Hate crimes have only increased against them. The Salem witch hunt is all too familiar to the Muslim American witch hunt, and it makes it hard to…

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  • Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam Essay

    HISTORY OF THE LIBERATION TIGERS OF TAMIL EELAM: The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were an intentional terrorist group well known in the northern/eastern Sri Lanka. LTTE was founded in 1976 and became the most effective, dangerous, brutal, organized and deadliest extremist terrorist groups in the world. They were a revolutionary association that wanted to establish an independent Tamil State to protect their human rights. Moreover, they are known for carrying out a high number of…

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  • The Sinking Of USS Indianapolis

    The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis Imagine being a sailor on The USS Indianapolis. You had just finished dropping off the atomic bomb at Tinian. It is late at night and you decide to go to bed. A couple minutes later, the ship jolts to the left. You’ve been hit by a torpedo. You jump out of your bed and rush out of the room. You hear your captain screaming, “Abandon ship!Abandon ship!”. You rush down the narrow hall and find a life jacket. You put it on and run to the stern of the ship. You…

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  • What Is The Tension Between Romeo And Juliet Act 3 Scene 1

    English Assessment Task Romeo and Juliet Act III, Scene I AS SUPERHUMANS! By Andrew Walters Synopsis In Manhattan, New York City, two groups of superhuman groups are rivaled against each other due to their opposite opinions of what to use their powers for. Team Montague believe that they have been given these gifts to help and defend the world from immediate threats. The Capulet Brotherhood believe that they have been given this power to rule over the people that are inferior to them. These…

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  • Suicide Bombers Research Paper

    A suicide bomber is a person, a man or woman, who execute bomb attacks in different areas, and they know that they will kill themselves in the process of doing so. Suicide bombers are also called homicide bombers. In the history of suicide bombing, people have been used by other people as a building block of their success and are thought and treated to be living tools (Lewis, 2013). They usually target places where there are numerous people and then blow themselves up, causing mass panic all…

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  • Privacy And Political Correctness: A Personal Analysis

    I never quite understood the importance of privacy or political correctness as a child. The quick-witted banter that I had developed between friends really had no filter. I could say what I wanted, and how I wanted to say it without fear of ramifications, and my friends did the same. They were just words to us; they had little meaning, and if a conflict did erupt, it quickly fizzled out. However, the world changes, culture changes, ideas change, and with that so do freedoms. This is how my…

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  • Bowling For Columbine Documentary Essay

    today’s society, there will always be some element of truth amongst the lies, from horror films based on a “true story” to documentaries that present their opinion as fact. Award winning documentary maker, Michael Moore takes this idea and strikes hard with it. In the 2002 film, Bowling For Columbine, Moore successfully produced a documentary that conveys only a single side of the American attitude towards guns. He convinced audiences across the globe that strict gun control was the only way…

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  • Patrick Coaty's 'Understanding The War On Terror'

    Name Tutor Course Date After the 9/11 Event In his 2012 book titled, ‘Understanding the War on Terror’, Patrick Coaty discusses issues related to terrorism, especially after the 9/11 attack. According to him, terrorism emerged at the end of the eighteen century in post-revolutionary France. The initial concept of terrorism was a legitimate system of government that used terror to assert its influence. However, the phenomenon of terrorism has taken different guises since its initiation, as…

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  • Richard A. Clarke's Against All Enemies

    In Richard A. Clarke’s book, Against All Enemies: Inside America’s War on Terror, Clarke explains America’s long war on terrorism. This book contains Clarke’s self-written narrative of his experience in counterterrorism and national security. On September 11th, 2001, Richard A. Clarke, chair of the Counterterrorism Security Group, the CSG for short, guided the United States’ instantaneous response to the terrorist attacks from the infamous Situation Room located in the West Wing of the White…

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