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  • Ex Machina Film Analysis

    Another great example for production design in science fiction movies is the movie Ex Machina. To begin with, production design includes the design of sets which makes set design one of the most important aspects while producing a movie. For example, one of the points set design deals with is the location where the film is going to be shot. Funderburg (2015) explained that in the movie Ex Machina, they used two Norwegian locations both designed by the architects Jensen & Skodvin. One of the…

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  • The Neutral Mask Analysis

    performance that focuses on the expressiveness of the body the actor must no longer rely on their face as their gateway to expression. By introducing a mask the actor has to stop thinking of his or her face as a focal point and instead they must represent the character feelings physically. ‘There’s a freedom that comes from putting on the mask, expressing yourself solely through your body’ (Schiffman, 2005). Mask work aims to free the actors from the pressures placed on delivering lines and…

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  • A Street Car Named Desire Analysis

    Car Named Desire put on by the seniors had good and bad qualities and the actors slightly committed to their characters but not fully. The scenes were choppy and a little too frequent, I understand Anna Carson’s approach but the scenes could have flowed more smoothly. The scene changes were noisy and a little chaotic, having the actors move and change the scene in the set change lights would have made it easier for the actors and the scene change would have been smoother. The music in the…

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  • Character Analysis Of Walter White In 'Better Call Saul'

    “Better Call Saul” Season 3 has already been confirmed to hit the small screen on AMC next year, and fans are excited to know if indeed “Breaking Bad” Walter White (Bryan Cranston) will be a part of the third instalment. Show runners have been mum about the plot and details of “Better Call Saul” Season 3, and every news are valuable to the show’s avid fans. “Breaking Bad” Bryan Cranston is rumoured to direct an episode of “Better Call Saul” Season 3. Walter White’s character was a protagonist,…

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  • Mis En Scene Analysis

    One of the great directing techniques in the film was how the colors green and red were used. The film used complementary colors to make objects and characters stand out or just to make a whole certain shot stand out. For example, when Amelie was in the carnival and in the background all the women were dressed with red and all the men were dressed with green. Because of that, Amelie and the people in the background made the shot look more serene and put together. Another example would be when…

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  • Singin In The Rain Analysis

    I’m going to start off by saying Singin’ in the Rain is hands down one of my favorite musicals and that my opinion of this film is probably highly biased. Singin’ in the Rain is a classic movie that has a great appeal and I think one way the film achieves greatness is through its effective use of color. It’s not an overly vibrant film but the use of bright colors throughout the film emphasizes the glamour of Hollywood, which is a large component of this film. The colors also add a dreamlike…

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  • Hallmark's Cedar Cove: Character Analysis

    than I had been in the past. There is a dynamic charisma that I first witnessed from the moment I saw her depiction of Grace Sherman, and I think that is a substantial reason why so many fans are drawn to her and stick with her for life. Exceptional actors come and go. Beauty queens appear and fade. Dancers, singers, and so much more grace our screens, both small and big, and the vast majority are unfortunately commonplace. But with Teryl, she could never be labeled humdrum or ordinary . Her…

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  • Mercutio And Juliet 1996 Vs 1996 Analysis

    It had seemed this way because he had talked with more enthusiasm and acted with more heart to it as well. In the ‘96 film Mercutio had barely even exchanged words with anyone. Overall I thought the John McEnery in the film of ‘68 was a better actor than Harold Perrineau in the film of ‘96. John had done a better at acting wildly and playing his role with content. I thought…

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  • Supernatural Vs. Once Upon A Time

    There are many similarities and differences between the TV show Supernatural and the TV show Once Upon A Time. These similarities include the plot and how similar some characters are like the prophet in supernatural, Chuck, and the prophet in Once Upon a Time, Henry, the use of magic both dark and good, and last but not least the fact that their lives are in books. Although Once Upon A Time and Supernatural are very similar, Supernatural is the better TV show. Supernatural is the better TV show…

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  • Into The Woods Essay

    The film’s budget for special effects, costumes, sets, etc., was exceptionally greater than that of the theatrical production, so its overall aesthetic is much more polished and credible. The whole experience is immersive and the visuals impressively believable to behold. The overall effect, regardless of the magical elements, is much more realistic, and the setting looks like part of the real world, not a fictional land. Taking this into consideration, it is not surprising that the film had to…

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