The Green Mile Evaluation Essay

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The film I chose to evaluate is “The Green Mile”. In the film a man is wrongly accused for the murders of two young girls. He is then thrown in jail and sentenced to death row. The three areas of criteria that I find are the backbone of this film are the story, the actors, and lastly the setting of the film.
The most important aspect of this film for examination is the story of “The Green Mile”. Stephen King (author) and Frank Darabont (director) did an exceptional job when it comes to the story of this film. As I stated above, a man is wrongly put in jail and is sentenced to death for murdering two girls. Instead of Stephen King making it just another story about someone who dies, he does a very good job of making the man in prison (John Coffey) have personal
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Both movies were directed by Darabont and the books were written by King. Both films are about men who go to jail for something they did not do. To even compare these two films is absolutely ridiculous because they are both good pieces of work. However, personally I like movies that do not end as expected so I give “The Green Mile” a very slight edge. Now I am not the only one with an opinion about the movie that matters. Wesley Morris writes, “A shameless “Shawshank” redux.” Wesley is definitely entitled to his opinion but many look upon “The Green Mile” as a remake of “The Shawshank Redemption” but that just is not the case. They are truly two different works of art and should equally be given a chance. Rob White states, “How many blockbusters deal with that kind of grief?” I cannot agree enough and it is what sets “The Green Mile” apart from other films. The ending to this story is no fairy tale. For people who like those kind of movies they need to look elsewhere. What truly matters is the story, actors, and setting makes this a well-rounded movie and a good one at

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