Social Violence In Shawshank Redemption

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Shawshank Redemption is seen my many people as one of the best films of the last 25 years. Throughout this film there are many relationships between the characters and sociological terms. Social change, social inequality, and culture shock are a few of these terms present throughout this film. Along with these terms many other types of crime can be seen as well.
Andy Dufresne was a banker in Maine when he was convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. He was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. When Andy first gets to the prison, he is very quiet. Only after a month goes by does he finally talk to someone, that person was Red. Red was known as the prison smuggler. Andy approached him asking for a rock hammer and later a large
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This crime involved the Warden of the Prison and his money laundering and use of the prisoners to exploit independent contractors in the area. Warden Norton created a work program for the prisoners to work on projects outside of the prison. Since he did not have to pay the workers a livable salary he was able to undercut all of the independent contractor’s prices. He would then make the contractors bribe him so he would give them the job instead of his men, keeping all the bribe money for himself. On top of the bribe money he would also buy expensive equipment and knowingly record a higher amount and take the difference for himself. Knowing that Andy used to be a Banker the Warden made Andy help him manipulate the …show more content…
This is the “feeling of surprise and disorientation that people experience when they encounter cultural practices that are different from their own”. It was seen in the way that prisoners reacted when first entering Shawshank and seeing how different the living is inside the prison versus what they are used to outside the prison. The most notable being the way Fatass reacted on his first night in Shawshank. He began to cry and claim that he did not belong in the prison and that he wanted his momma. The guards then began to beat him and he later died shocking many of the newer prisoners as well as the older

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