Movie Trading Places Themes

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1..Trading Places directed by John Landis and starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd focuses on a theme that is commonly represented in popular films. The subject of the film is the corruptness and advantage people desiring an immense amount of wealth take part in. Those seeking riches achieve it through whatever means possible, and those who are wealthy take advantage of the poor. The theme although a serious lesson is expressed through comedy. Trading Places is unique as it uses humor to teach lessons and to analyze the true values people hold. The film several times mentions the discussion of nature versus nurture. The decade long question is what sets the stage for the rest of the films plot.
Several scenes throughout the film emphasize
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From Randolph and Mortimer sitting in their car and Randolph discussing the “idiot scientists and their question about eternal life”, to talking about the Nobel Prize. The film also uses humor to show how hypocritical the two brothers are, Randolph tells Mortimer how not everything is about money, but still throughout the film only shows frugal characteristics. Several examples of cheap, frugal behavior are demonstrated, from Randolph tipping the butler a five dollar Christmas bonus, to the brothers claiming they pay their workers too …show more content…
I personally enjoyed the film, although they suggested the events that were to occur later, I kept watching with enthusiasm because I wanted to see how they would play out. The diction that the brothers used throughout the film created a negative attitude towards them, although Winthorpe and Billy Ray were the ones to be involved in a legal mess, other characters gained sympathy. Ophelia and Coleman were the ones I was rooting for, they had a job of taking care of others needs from the beginning of the film, and were taken advantage of without receiving appreciation. The wealthy characters such as Penelope and her friends, through the diction and the events were not very liked. The story plaid on a serious issue, which was people’s overwhelming need to consume no matter who or how many people they took advantage of. Corruption was also a key issue, as that’s how the rich in the film

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