Piaget's Nature And Nurture

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The nature vs nurture debate is a classic debate in psychology. It is one of the oldest arguments in the psychology community, and has in fact existed longer than the twenty-one years I 've been alive. Since first introduced by Francis Galton in 1869, it has evolved as an even more controversial topic. There are those who believe that nature has the biggest influence on one’s behavior, while others argue that nurture does.
Moreover, the debate of nurture and nature could be applied to my own personal life. My life has been largely influenced by both nature and nurture. My genetics have contributed to my behavior, just as well as my environment has. I think during my earlier years of life my genetics played a larger role, but as I
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This theory claims that neither nature nor nurture can on its own influence a child 's development. Furthermore, Piaget 's theory of cognitive development helped me understand both nature and nurture, as well as the different stages we go through as children. Needless to say, there are four stages that Piaget believed all children go through. The first stage is sensorimotor, and after it comes preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational. Each stage happens at different times in a child 's life, and one child may experience a stage earlier on than another …show more content…
The controversial debate remains on which of the two has the greatest influence on one’s behavior and development. Despite the debate, it is true that both have large impacts. After looking backing on my childhood, I do believe that nurture has had the greatest impact on my life. My behaviors and accomplishments, are the result of the environment in which I grew up in. I do believe that there’s truth in the saying “That’s just the nature of the beast”. However, I strongly believe that people and things around the beast have the ability to influence change within

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