Nature Vs. Nurture In Prenatal And Infancy

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Nature versus nurture has been a debatable issue since as early as the 17th century in psychology. The issue consists on whether humans are how they are because of their nature or because how they are nurtured during child development. In a 2007 article, McLeod contributes that nature is what humans inherit while nurture is environmental influences. Researches and psychologists who are strong in their position of nature are called nativists. Meanwhile, the researchers and psychologists who agree on nurture are called empiricists (“Nature vs. Nurture, 2007, para. 4 & 5). While there are nativists and empiricists, there are also people who believe in both nature and nurture instead of nature versus nurture. These people who interact both concepts support the interactionist approach. Arguments on nature versus nurture have existed but now the concept of nature and nurture as a whole has also been added to the arguments. The arguments consist on the influences that both nature …show more content…
Nature and Nurture in Prenatal and Infancy Every single human starts out in the prenatal period where they have been conceived by their parents. It is in that moment that development and the nature versus nurture debate begins for a living human. McLeod in his article states, “Color of eyes, straight or curly hair, pigmentation of the skin and certain diseases are all a function of the genes we inherit,” (“Nature vs. Nurture,” 2007, para. 3). Fetuses in the womb get chromosomes and all genetic material from their parents – that being inherited and being a thing of nature. Even though they start being influenced on

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