Argumentative Essay: Nature Vs. Nurture

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Have you ever caught yourself acting like your mom or dad? Nature vs nurture debate is an interesting discussion about whether genetics or parenting has a bigger impact on our lives. Nature is genetics a pretty big thing to make the person we are today. But then we have another big part, nurture, which is the environment we live in. My opinion is that nurture is more powerful, because it is how we are raised and where we live.
Nature is genetics, and it’s when your personality comes from your parents and you are just like them. Let’s say we use Anis and Sam for a second, they were genetically made to have the same smile same laugh, they also had the exact same quirkiness, plus they have the same pet peeves. Now we look at the Jim twins, they were crazy alike. They both had the same named wives, their sons are both Jame Allen. They both drank the same beer and smoked the same type of cigarettes. Then we can look at Jack and Oscar, they are a little of both but they do have some in common. They both are stubborn and very competitive, when they met they had the same coat, same hairline, and same wire glasses. MISSING EVIDENCE Nurture is the environment, and it is where you live and the environment you grow up and it shapes your personality. Let’s take Oscar and Jack, raised by different sides, Jack was a Jewish and was kind-hearted and he was a feeler. Then we have Oscar,
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The debate of nature and nurture is a hard debate, you have to choose between your genetics or the environment(s) you live in. As in my second paragraph, nature is how you act from your genetics, not from how you are raised. Then nurture is how your parents chose to raise you, they chose whether they beat you or treat you like you are the most popular kid in the world. Now next time you catch yourself acting like your mom or dad, blame nurture, from your parents raising you the same way they

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