Freedom Writers Book Vs Movie Analysis

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There are some differences between what the movie talks about and what the book talks about of the story “The Freedom Writers.” Me personally i think that the movie is better because i am seeing it with my own eyes. I can visually understand it. Personally i like to watch movies better than reading books so that might be why i like the movie more. I don’t really have patience for reading a book, i’d rather watch a movie, it’s more interesting to me. One of the differences that the movie has is that it goes into less detail than the book. The book goes more into the kids diaries. The movie basically puts all of their diaries together. In the movie the story begins with Eva going to school and then getting chased down and then trapped by some …show more content…
Gruwell paid for that they all saw kids and people who had it worse. Like in World War 2, they all had an interest in the holocaust because they thought it was somewhat like how they were living. They were living as prisoners into the ghetto. I like learning stuff about World war 2 so i like how this part is told and showed. Most of the diaries that are written in the book basically is illustrated into the movie. The movie is just basically a more entertaining way of telling the story. Most people do not want to read books so they just watch movies. Hollywood knew exactly what they were doing by making this book into such a great movie. I also would like to watch the movie instead of reading the book. I feel like the movie is over exaggerating with the holocaust even though i really like that part in the movie. In the book they did not talk as much about it as they did the movie. The part of the movie i didn’t really like was that they ended it right at the end of sophomore year. I would really like to see the rest of the story visually not reading it. So i think you can basically see which one i prefer, the book or the movie. Of course i am going to pick the

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