Compare And Contrast The Holocaust And The Book Night

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The Holocaust, was without a doubt one of the most tragic events in mankind 's history. Many books and movies have been able to tell the stories that took place during the holocaust but some writers like Elie Wiesel and Roberto Beninin are able to transcend into the the time and make us feel real emotions. These pieces of work descended us into a larger understanding of what the term “The Holocaust” really means. Elizer Wiesel’s memoir ‘Night’ revealed the what times were like before the tragedy and then. The memoir, describes in grave detail about Eliezer and his father 's struggle between sanity and insanity, and whether to give up or to keep going. ‘Life is beautiful tells the story of Guido and his wife’s meeting and then it centers itself around Guido and his son, Joshua and struggling to survive with his reality of the torturous Nazis. Although the differences number vastly between Night and Life is Beautiful, they both are able to clearly demonstrate just how dark and empty a human soul can be as well as how full of light and love it can be even during a tragedy like the Holocaust. The greatest difference that shows between the movie and the book is the different moods between the …show more content…
With so much cruelty and corruption the holocaust was one of the greatest offences in history. Story’s like Night and life is beautiful are able to show us an in depth look at these brutalities. Although the differences number greatly between Night and Life is beautiful, they both are prime examples of how inhumane and destructive mankind can be. The father son relationships from the two mediums however, are a direct opposite of this and were able to demonstrate how compassionate and nurturing mankind can be. The two mediums are also able to demonstrate the same opinion on the Nazi party and both do not want revenge or vengeance on the Nazi party but rather to leave it be and move on with their

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