Compare And Contrast Night And Life Is Beautiful

Night v.s. Life Is Beautiful
When discussing the Holocaust, there is a solemn feeling that lingers throughout the air. When describing the Holocaust it should be specific; having important dates and realistic actions. Both the film, Life Is Beautiful, and the novel, Night, are stories based off the Holocaust. Life Is Beautiful is a story about Guido and his family going through the Holocaust, while Night is a novel telling the story of Elie’s first hand experiences. In both stories, they experience the struggles of the Holocaust. The novel, Night, and the film, Life is Beautiful, have the same setting and external problems. However, Night is more emotional and powerful than Life Is Beautiful because of its real characters, realistic plot, and powerful theme.
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The plot of Life Is Beautiful is unrealistic. Guido and Joshua were able to speak on the intercom without anyone noticing. On account of that happening, this proves that the plot is unrealistic. Especially since the film takes place during the Holocaust, which was a hostile time for Jews, it would be unlikely for Guido and Joshua to get away with fooling with the intercom. While the plot of Life Is Beautiful is unrealistic, the plot of Night is realistic. "I was thinking of my father. He must have suffered more than I did" (Wiesel 56). During the Holocaust, there was a time of suffering and pain. The novel describes Elie’s experience during the Holocaust; which includes first hand pain. This proves that the plot is realistic because Jews went through a whole era of genocide and the novel describes that. The plot is realistic in a way that educates the readers about what Jewish people went through during the Holocaust. Its realistic plot helps impact the characters not only emotionally but also educationally; Night’s intense characters impact the readers, as

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