The Natural Movie Vs Movie Analysis

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For decades, popular novels have been published and years later followed with a film. Although the movie tends to portray imagery, the course of events in the book tend to contrast to those of the film. This became abundantly clear when I read the book and watched the movie, The Natural. In both the novel and the film, we learn about the life of a baseball player named Roy Hobbs, who was born with a talent and was given the ability to pursue his goal of life. Although his mindset was determined to break all the records in the game, many obstacles stood in his path ultimately skewing his priorities and driving him towards a path only ending with failure. However in the film, his ambition helps him fall away from deterioration and have an outcome of a successful career. The film characterizes Roy as a completely different person and depicted as a victim rather than a tragic hero. Despite all the discrepancies, …show more content…
Roy had two means of inspiration. In both the book and movie, Roy was in a slump and Iris Lemon, who had never met Roy, stood up in the stands for him to express her belief that Roy could break out of this decline and help his team, The New York Knights, win the pennant. This courageous act that no one dare to attempt broke Roy out of his slump and helped Roy push through giving him the opportunity to excel. Another form of inspiration, that was only present in the film, was the bat boy. This boy looked up to Roy as a role model who would never let himself, his coaches, and his teammates down. During Roy’s last at bat, his bat, Wonderboy, breaks and asks the bat boy to pick out a bat that would win the team the pennant. When Roy was down no balls and two strikes, he felt a sense of defeat. Through the inspiration and confidence of the bat boy that Roy would succeed, his new bat, “Savory Special” enabled him to recover from him fear and win the pennant for the

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